In Sickness Not in Health  

rm_Ragged68 49M
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7/8/2006 11:06 am
In Sickness Not in Health

This is getting tiresome.

The Wednesday before last, I came down with some sort of flu-like illness... only with the added fun of light sensitivity (2 migraines in 2 weeks! Yay!) and a stiff neck. This seemed to indicate viral meningitis (look it up if you're interested).

Now, I've had these symptoms before (minus being bed-ridden for 2 days like I was this time). If it's the same thing as what I had 10 years ago, then this may take a while to completely vanquish. The problem (and what makes it so annoying) is that even after the initial problems go away, there is this... residue.

The last time I had it, it seemed to last for *weeks*. I had bouts of fatigue. I didn't eat well: sometimes food would taste funny, other times I just wasn't that hungry. The tightness in the back of my neck would always be there, sometimes strong, other times weak. I would break into a sweat at the drop of a hat. None of it was enough to prevent me from working or doing regular activities, but anything that required real exertion would magnify the symptoms, and it took a lot longer than normal to get my strength back after the exertion.

This brings us to sex. My *desire* for sex is unaffected, but on the physical side... the above should tell you that it's not what it should be. I was with someone a couple of night ago (you know who you are! ), and while I think I left her feeling pretty good, I still wasn't entirely happy with my performance and I'm *still* feeling worn down from it.

I've been making 5+ mile hikes, twice a week, for over a month! I shouldn't be this tired out from a bout of sex. Grr! Damn it. I want to beat this frigging thing into the dust and cast it out of my body. But wanting isn't enough. I'll just have to perservere and hope that my body will eventually take it out.

At least the sex was good.

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