I found her - My Fanatasy Girl  

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11/26/2005 6:58 am

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I found her - My Fanatasy Girl

Have you ever met someone and every word exchanged was perfect, every idea was accommodating and complementary and you new without a doubt a coexistence (at least mentally) was to coincidental?

Around the globe some odd 14 hours away in my tomorrow I found a married 18 year old girl whom loves her husband very much and has no intention of leaving him for anything. She is 8 weeks pregnant with her second child and is the sexiest girl i have ever laid eyes on. Long natural blonde hair, busty, flat toned stomach that you would swear has not carried a child before. A high school drop out that is now working on her degree while fully engaging erratic hormonal moods.

She has insulted me, taught me new words and made me laugh harder than i have in a long while with my local friends. She thinks i am a dirty old man and from her, it makes me feel sexy. Mainly because she is drawn to talk to me regularly.

In just five short days she has put her finger on what i think to be my problem in my marriage. Something no one else could do much less present to me in such a way that i would consider it. So it is I have found the woman I have been seeking and a freakish accident it was? I will never meet her person, but the impact is sooo freaking large. Funny, but this stranger even gave me an added feeling of value and of youth. Sappy isn't it? I'm not much on it either but it happened and I am taken back by the whole damn thing.

I now have to re-evaluate my situation which has looked hopeless for over a year in new light thanks to someone i probably would have not have exchanged two words with had i bumped into her.

This blog thing is not going where I had though or intended. But after all, life is a huge ride. So we see where I land next.

Ciao for now.

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