I'm Humming  

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10/7/2005 2:20 pm

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I'm Humming

I think about moments not too long ago and every time I'm alone at night sparks spread out across my sheets as thoughts of you spread like wild fire across my body; across the room. Your words whisper out, “With all you have, why me?” There is a moment of silence as a fan rotates and blows across the humming of my monitor. I thought to myself, “Her words, electric thoughts have rebooted my system more times than I can count.” Then out loud a voice whispers… It's a cyber paradise and you are blowing my circuits. Everyday when the night falls into being, and I am without company, my thoughts wander to that special place where passions explode into fireworks across my night sky and it is you I see next to me illuminated from the desire inside. Next I hear told, “...You are a poet.........and a very passionate one...contagious it is....”

Yes… Contagious you are.... In so many ways. I feel you next to me with every word rolling across my screen. What I'm trying to say is that where it counts, you are there. Thoughts of you turn my wood to stone, Baby. Next I feel a sweet voice type, “You are here...and I like it...and it feels good...” Then my own feelings take hold…. hard down there, hard everywhere. My muscles flex in retrospect to your body on top of me. Then I hear your words as clear as crystal, “and you are magnificent...flexing.....” I feel my hips press into the mattress as your breast press into my chest. Then for a moment another engine hums, “........Mmm, if it were soo easy. I would take you up on it...tonight....” You lift up and I breathe in a beautiful sight, shoulders arched back, smile ripping out from the candle's light… flickering from the rotating fan in this hot room. I hear, “..You are wanting it tonight...the loving....” It doesn't take long to realize that we are both living and reliving scenes from a not so distant past where we together. I mean really together, more than just physical attraction, but a certain underlying desire to just let go, to just be ourselves, to just be together.

Then before I can type in another word my screen prances, “..........I need to leave you.......It is getting deep...and deeper........And is very ...........”
I feel my lips Breathing out whimsically to the sounds of swaying clothes, swaying bodies, rolling, feeling, touching right down to the core of my being; Your lips brushing candy circles across my inner thighs. Then my Baby echoes, “I love thighs...like yours... but I need to go...too warm tonight...emotionally...” I have to admit, I was feeling it too, but I had to wonder if I was missing something. Then lights dance out, “I am vulnerable tonight I mean....” But I was thinking and feeling the fire you placed inside and now it was shooting through the sky like a comet. You add, “You do more than this......And tonight it is penetrating....me.... goodnight, sweetheart.....” Baby, I definitely want to penetrate you in so many ways…Your warm body, lips and fingertips…

Well, I'll just have to wait for another day. I do miss you Baby. Your cyber touches sweeten my nights. Your thoughts inspire my own and every time I power up I feel the surge course through my body like a car crashing into a high power station on a stormy night. It's electricity pumping through my veins, charging my muscles and separating from my body like a super nova. Without a doubt I can say, I been there... Eyes closed I’ve seen the real you, down deep and deeper still as dreams sweeten the night with your silhouette shaping my reality, shaping my heart in your tiny hands. This moment reflected in my mind's eye is held deep and deeper still as reality rips out from my dreams and gently touches down on my lips. Another time, another place and heartache; I have to say if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn’t miss this race. The stakes were too great, even greater still was the reclining of the seat, jeans pulled down to the knees as our hips connect and reconnect with every location in slow motion as every piston fires in rapid succession. It's a rhythmic proposition, another position and a step onto the emergency brake as the vehicle starts to roll with every move as my back presses up against the roof. Speed increases as my heart races and words shatter out, "I'm humming" as our reality crashes into the wholeness of each other.

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10/8/2005 7:23 am


never forgotten ... never !

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