I coulda got laid!!!  

rm_RIguyPA 67M
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9/9/2006 9:04 am
I coulda got laid!!!

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Boy, Thursday nite I stopped for a drink at my fav place. There was a woman there, she came right up to me and talked me up. Nice girl, 37, divorced, a kid, rich daddy, and a recovering alchoholic. We chatted and I thought I would get lucky....until she mentioned the AA thing...and she was drinking! She was leaving for the Carribean in the morning and was not telling her family.
I couldn't run away fast enough. I've been through a relationship that was 7 rehabs long. My wife was a huge addict and I hung in there as long as I could. When I see that type nowadays I can't help to remember the heartache it causes for everyone.
So, when she asked If I was having another (I never have over two drinks) I flew out the door.
I'm proud that I gave up a piece of ass for peace of mind.
Guys are not known for that but I'll disagree.
Anyone have a thought on this?

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