DRUNK SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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3/12/2006 6:19 pm

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3/12/2006 11:29 pm

DRUNK SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, got tanked last night just like I do every weekend and hooked up with a chick that I've been with a few times before. She's a nice girl...office-type chick...professional I guess is a good way to put it. Doesn't swear much, doesn't drink much, basically, a very well-behaved woman. Anyways, I get such a kick out of people that have some drinks and turn into something else. lol. Like myself, I love to drink...I look forward to drinking...I drink to have fun and have a great time and celebrate the wonderful lives' we all live (NOT) haha. Anyways, I'm a fun drunk...I don't change much, I joke a lot, I might sing a few kareoke songs I don't normally do, etc. My friends say I'm not much different when drinking so that's cool..I take that as a compliment considering so many people turn into assholes when they drink. Back to my friend....I find it so funny that, despite how often someone drinks or what their tolerance is, they totally change and morph into super porn star or something when drunk. Does alcohol really effect people that much? Yeah, I know what it's like to have taken way too many shots of SoCo and be praying to the god of porcelin but seriously, I think it's nuts when you've been with someone sober and they're all lovey dovey, gotta have sex in the bed with the lights out, no talking, etc. but you get a few drinks in them and wham, you're getting blown out in the parking lot while leaving the bar and then finishing up on the table in the dining room when you get home. lol.

So yeah, any women out there want to enlighten me as to why they can't be mega porn queen when sober? Obviously there's exceptions cause I know women that don't need drugs/liquor to get funky, and I also understand alcohol really relaxes you and shit, but is it really just the liquor talking or do you women know exactly what's going on and just need the liquor to give you that little push? lol. And yeah, not trying to be sexist or one-sided here...I know guys do the same thing too when drunk but I'm not interested in that...I wanna know the chicks' side!

sinfulnsweet22 48F

3/12/2006 6:47 pm

Women sometimes have low self esteem and after a night of drinking, that helps them to loosen up enough to let loose and be free the way they REALLY want to be. I know because that is exactly how I am. Feel free to get in touch with me my screen name on AdultFriendFinder is sinfulnsweet22

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