My father and I  

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5/4/2006 1:54 pm

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My father and I

my mother died when I wa 18 my father is lonly he came in my room he hred me crying I missed my mom she died from cancer a brain tumor he was hugging me on the bed touching my leg i was still crying he went further up my leg i didnt care at about that at first then he touched me i was in shock he touched my pussy mine he kept touching me i moned and layed on the bed he said honey do you know whats going to happen i said yes dad and you are ok with it he said. I said yes he took his pants off I took off my pjs and we made love for the first time it was nice i new it was wrong i didnt care we then huged he left i fell asleep he doese this more often now once a month i cant say no to my father so we make love all the time I just wanted to share this with you sometimes i dont want to have sex with him as you can see in my pics other times we reall enjoy it

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5/9/2006 9:25 am

It's well documented the type of mental damage psychologists can to. Forcing impressions on people, developing false memories, and judging people. Honey, if you feel good about yourself, do what you want. Moral issues are in the eye of the beholder and are never black and white.

if you want some good advise, follow your heart and not some online head shrinker. but never do anything against your true will.

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