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3/27/2006 2:43 pm

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Pleasure You


Looking For: Men for 1-on-1 sex

I'm very pretty, work out almost daily, I have brown hair and eyes, and very high standards. My goal is to please make you long for me when I'm not day dream of the day you can enter my body give you pure sexual pleasure. When we're together no one else will be there in our thoughts..we can escape for the moment and you can feel a release that helps you go on day after day in that eroticly deprived and predictable life that you live.

My Ideal Person:
I am going to be straight forward guys so please only respond if you are serious and understand what I'm looking for.
I will pleasure you...anyway you desire..(within reason)....but I do ask for something in return. I can be with many, many men. As you know there are many more men looking for sex than there are women, guys. We can pick and choose who we want....just a fact. What I need in return is some financial support. Please be a generous man with a generous heart....and don't write to me if you want a one time thing. I want an on-going secret affair with no-strings sex...
This is how it would call and want to meet have a place for us or a hotel room..I meet you there and we play for as long as we can. I won't get emotionally attached like other women might. As you know when you start having sex in a regular affair, the woman will usually fall in love and want more from you, maybe she'll want you to leave your wife if you're married. I won't do that and in return you'll help me out where I need it most. This can be a great arrangement for both of us : )
I am classy, sane and the type of person you would be surprised would be on this site....pleasantly surprised

My E-Mail:

You have an interesting, but not unique approach. It is not that I disagree with your ideas but I find that you are just a little bit on the disingenuous side. You indicate a desire to please, but if that is the case then why do you look at men that are 1000 miles from you? It is obvious that there can not be regular meetings, so I must conclude you are just looking for the money and only the money.

I am not that desperate or naive to fall into this little web of yours.

Her Response:

Actually, the reason I looked at your profile was because it was featured on the home page. I thought it was such a wonderful picture that I had to click on it. That's why I didn't even send you a smile, not because I didn't like you but because you're so far away. I know I sound like I'm just after the money and this angle isn't working very well for me. Yes, I get a lot of offers but no one that I really care to become involved with. I chose to try this approach because I felt that men will take advantage of me and not appreciate what I go through in order to meet them. I spend quite a bit of money on my clothes, shoes and lingerie. I guess I thought that asking for some support might give me a feeling of some control..maybe I have no idea what I'm doing..I don't think this is working. I'd rather be with someone romantically but so many men don't want that emotional involvement so here I am...confused. It doesn't matter what you think of me, I know that but I do care. I'm such a nice person..a very confused person. take care..bye

My Response:

I must admit that I do like your response and thank you for it.

It seems that there are a lot of women on this site that are seeking financial support and many are not as obvious about it. It costs men a lot of money also, especially if you prefer to have a relationship and not just a roll in the hay. Diners, drinks, movies can be quite expensive also. That is not to deminish the costs you have to go through.

Is it possible for you to send me a picture of you?

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