Hurt me?  

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3/20/2006 6:08 am

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Hurt me?

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Looking For: Men for 1-on-1 sex

Single gal looking for some fun and passion. Need to be friends also. Not just lovers. I lead a quiet life and want to keep it that way. Not into the bar scene at all. Will try most things once but not all if it is going to hurt me at all. Lets be friends first and go from there.

My Ideal Person:
Just a guy who can be a friend along with being a lover. Not someone who is going to try to change me as I won't do that to them. Just accept me for who I am.

Her E-Mail :

-Got a question for you?? -Hope you can answer it for me. What is it about me that men seem to hurt me.?? Just dont know what I am doing to cause this kind of thing in my life. No I know your not one that has but to many others have and i just dont understand what I do to cause it to happen.

My Respons :


I am not sure what you mean by hurt you. If you mean physically, some men like to dominate and in todays age they are not allowed by society to behave the way we use to towards women. Look at the middle east and the way women are treated there. This is a reflection on them and not on you. Because they can not dominate in public they tend to behave more in private and therefor harsher.

If you mean mentally, it is a combination of the previous and lack of caring. Many men (but not all) want to have notches to brag about and therefor go from one women to the next. When they get what they want, they want to move on and use hurting as a way of dumping their present conquest.

The old saying of all's fair in love and war is the way many men view the relationships between men and women.

To sum it up, you don't have to be the cause or reason that men hurt you. What you need to do is be more careful about the men you associate with. I have known lots of really good women who have made bad choices in men.

I know this is a brief answer and it is much more complicated than I have shown here, but it is enough to get you started thinking.


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