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Gloves Off

Profile :

I decided to be brave and take the gloves off. I am full figured, sexy and wait until you see the blue eyes. My best feature some say. Of course I would only be a pair of eyeballs rolling around if they weren't in the rest of the pkg. Did I mention I like who I am and I have a great sense of humor. I have an idea that most men reading this won't like what they read or will think of it as a joke. So the next time you ask a woman what size they are? continue reading below and expect some tough questions in return. It's a shame a few women couldn't see this to realize they should also be proud to admit to full figured and being sexy.

My Ideal Person:

Men don't give it a second thought to ask a woman body type, boob size and numerous other insulting questions. So gentlemen this is what I am looking for. Someone tall, under 5'10" don't bother. There is a question that asks..."does size matter?" Are you kidding? Of course it does and I don't care if you know what to do with what you have...size matters. The saying goes you know how well a man is endowed by the size of his feet. So all together now men look at your feet, then look between your legs. Is it true? are they Ht and size proportionate? Wait ...let us women be the judge. I'll tell the truth. Are you married? Stop making excuses...if you were not out trolling right now and paying attention to that lady in your life she just might be more attentive to you. Get off the computer, go get those candles and wine. And if she isn't what you want? Let her go to find someone that can make her happy obviously you don't have what it takes. Just an observation, if you aren't faithful to her why would you be faithful to another...and good grief for all of you...put the lid down when you are done! Did I mention I had a great sense of humor?
Favorite movies:
Cinderlla Man, Flight Plan

Favorite musicians or bands:
Michael Buble, Ray Charles, Paul Simon

What toys do you enjoy using during sex play?:
Dildos/Vibrators, Cock ring, Clit stimulators (battery operated), Vibrating eggs or bullets

In the bedroom, what types of activities interest you?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.)

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Ability to be discreet, Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything

My E-Mail:

Just so you know, not all men ask a woman's dress size, boob size or how pretty she is. Only the vain, unimaginative, and uncouth do. Like wise for the women that think that men can be packaged in a magical formula to meet their envisioned needs.

Both have totally missed the point. There is romance, caring, the touch of a feather which also is not size limited.

If you have not had a man send shivers up and down your spine just by the thought him then you have not met a man.

If you have not had a man start juices flowing by kissing your neck, then you have not met a man.

If you have not had a man cause your nipples to rise just by walking into the room, then you have not met a man.

A sense of humor is essential in a relationship and it doesn't come in any particular dress size, height or dick length.

An imagination can take you to the moon, the stars and an orgasm the is beyond anything you can experience without it.

I suggest you open your mind, heart and imagination if you want to find a man.


Her Response:

My mind is open and may I suggest you get off the soapbox and face reality about the male gender, maybe not all think that way but the majority do. Ask around.

My Response:

Glove's off,

Let me see if I understand you. It is not OK for men to request physical characteristics that you don't have so it is OK for you to look for physical features in a man that you want? Hummm, so two wrongs make it right for you or should I say size doesn't matter for your waist size (which you can control) but it does matter when we are talking about dick sizes and height.

All I can say to that with your open mind you may consider that you have been with the wrong men and not thinking about the romance two can share, the shiver that goes up one spine just by being in the same room or the touch of a hand (what size do you prefer?).

Yes I am on a soap box and enjoy it. It makes me taller.

So you want me to ask around about men? Sorry, but I have been around men, me included, a long time and I think I know them pretty well. Yes they can be just as unrealistic, self centered and as demanding as any woman.


Her Response :

I don't think men or women should be judged on what the outside pgk looks like. I find women to be more open minded about short comings men have. I knew that it would hit home with a man that would have to get his two cents in. As for you ...marital status? you aren't willing to share?

My Response :

I am glad that you don't agree with what you say in your profile. I do disagree about open minded women. I have not found very many of them on AdultFriendFinder and I feel that the 50 to 1 ratio only encourages them. I find a lot of women are very hypocritical in that they want what they themselves will not offer. I have thought hard and long about writing an article about that.

As for my marital status, yes I am willing to share, but that is not the problem. My wife, like many others, does not view sex as the fun, adventurous activity that I do. I am not talking about wife swapping, or orgies. I am talking about the fun two can have. To put it politely she just doesn't have the same interest in it as I do.


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