A Little Off Beat  

rm_Qwin169 70M
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4/3/2006 4:03 pm
A Little Off Beat


Looking For: Men for Discreet Relationship

Whats the matter with you men. Cant take a joke Dont want to have fun? So I am a little off beat, so what. So I tell a few stories, like you don't? HA HA
Yes,I am single yes but not available. That part is true. I am blond (sometimes) and brunette (other times) and busty (all the time)! I know you men like big ones. I know you really don't care what I look like just if I have the right parts. And I know you really don't want to hear from me again afterwards. I guess that is what it is all about on this site. I have contacted a few and they have mostly run off. So I am not model pretty, but not many on this site are. Us girls talk here, so keep that in mind all you "lookers". We know about you before you contact us alot of times. So come on lets go.

My Ideal Person:
I want to have some fun with interesting people. It doesn't have to lead to sex but it is a definite bonus. I like to be loved and am willing to return the affection I receive. I am more interested in tall men but I won't rule anyone out based on that. I am open minded to all age groups and feel I am mature enough to handle most situations. I do want the obvious, after all that is why we are all out here right?

My E-Mail:

Interesting that you complain about men not writing to you and yet this is my third e-mail to you with no response.

Then again maybe you just don't have the balls to write me.

Her Response:

you are joking right? i mean who would believe those are real pictures? you are better off not having one on there than put out a fake one. i dont put pictures out either i dont care i am honest about how i look as i say. i am not into talking so put your money where your mouth is or shut up

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