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9/1/2006 11:33 am

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Do you think that Sex is overrated and in normal situations most people sexual experiences are plain? ( push push roll over then fall asleep) Mind blowing orgasmic experiences? or So mundane that sex is nonexistent?Where Do You Fit In?....Why?.......

SingleNLooking72 107F

9/1/2006 12:10 pm

Sex overrated? HELL NO!! But, it's what you make it. I think that if you don't make it fun and exciting, at least in some way, you fall into the abyss of the mundane. My ex was one that wasn't willing to be exciting, and yes, the sex became non-existant. I got tired of him telling me no, and then he got tired of me not making advances. Before that, his idea of excitement was to "let" me "perform".

These days, life's different. I've been seeing somebody about 3 months now, and to call the sex mindblowing is an understatement. The more we really get to know each other, the better and better it's getting too!

Who knows what's average now? I think that there are alot more "closet freaks" than most people realize.....they don't understand that it's more fun out in the open!

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