Why Do Men Name Their Penises?  

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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2/18/2006 5:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why Do Men Name Their Penises?

This has always fascinated me and I am really curious as to why men name their penises and how in the world do you come up with its name?

Is there some special guy formula out there that we women don't know about????

I am just fascinated with the whole thing because I have never heard of a woman naming her cuchi wuchi.

Purry {=}

Oh and if you stop by to read this, please tell me the name of your penis and how and why you named it that?


Cowboy_Deluxe 39M

2/18/2006 6:25 am

Don't have or ever had a name for mine. So you could call it a penis, and that works for me.


oldude1946 72M

2/18/2006 6:28 am

I didn't name mine I just use it when the need cums up. I had to say that, its been out of work lately and I need to get off my ass and do something about that.

SirLuno 57M

2/18/2006 6:49 am

hello PurryKitty

I am a Talkien fan and i call mine "precious", i wanted an exact name, lol. I felt the urge to give him a name cause sometimes it is not part of me, it is completely independant, i just obey my precious orders, lol.

rm_DarknStar 55F
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2/18/2006 6:57 am

I think its a BUDDY system thingy! I live with a Fred at the moment...First hubby was..Howard! and Dont ask why, I Dont know!

methodman1000 41M
1775 posts
2/18/2006 7:02 am

dunt av a name for mine......

rm_saintlianna 46F
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2/18/2006 7:16 am

Cause they are their little buddies and men always find nicknames for their friends.

rm_CumInBetween 40M/37F
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2/18/2006 7:22 am

Maybe it's just a Swedish thing but I named mine..
She's called Milla..!
Quite a happy and curious girl.. Just like her owner
Thanks for sharing, great blog!

catseyes23 62F

2/18/2006 7:31 am

Rofl... Do some of the men really do that?? I wonder if women name their private parts...like the titles in the James Bond films.


rm_imtheone42 75M
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2/18/2006 7:56 am

Richard....more commonly known as Dick

hubbyontheloose 61M  
354 posts
2/18/2006 8:03 am

damn I must be a sad git - no name for mine either! hmmm what could I call it? How about "Bob"? - damned thing keeps "bobbing" up every time I see a cute ass and nice legs hehehe

tdeabi 78M
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2/18/2006 8:14 am

mine is name charlie i mane him back when i was
a teen why that name well i saw this monie
about a man and his wife he die and came
back as a dod and she own the dog well she
was amking love to mamny guys while the dog
sat there and watch it, oh the dog name is
charlie to me it feel vary bad the my wife
was having sex white every tom dick and harry
it made me feel left out. so over my life i got
left out of love. thats is the reason..

Babel__Fish 46F

2/18/2006 8:16 am

I do not have a penis to name


rm_coathanger1 49M
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2/18/2006 8:25 am

If it has a brain it deserves a name. Jr says hello to purrykitty.

The most common name will be fred or fedddy cause he's alway reddy.


F1reman6969 51M

2/18/2006 8:47 am

y'know, there are a lot of things that could be said about naming things on this site, and this is one of those things.
let's see, what do i call it?
the firehose.
it starts a lot of fires, but at the end of the day, it also puts them out....
he he

rm_50alive 67M
5 posts
2/18/2006 8:56 am

I feel weird because mine does have a name. His name is Hooter because he likes to be blown. Named by by first wife.

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
9753 posts
2/18/2006 9:18 am

Sail's is called Mr. Bo Bo.....I dont know why but I will ask and let you know.....

Hmmmmm, maybe I should name my cuchi.....

Purry {=}


rm_alcion71 46M
4357 posts
2/18/2006 9:19 am


Your comment make me smile. In Spain is not usual that women put a name to her sex, but there is not unusual, also.

I was the first who makes the official meeting of its sex┬┤s names ("kolito" is callled) -without picture- and now... is more famous than me... hahahahahaha.

Lot of kisses.

rm_StephenG1 33M
25 posts
2/18/2006 9:29 am

my doesnt have a name
i just call it my wang.

stuckinks5 44M
169 posts
2/18/2006 9:47 am

I just refer to him as "Him" ie..see there you woke "him" up or "he" is happy to see you...but then again, my friends say I'm slightly disturbed so that probably is the reason why I call him him!

rm_cant_be_true 39M

2/18/2006 10:08 am

I use to call my penis mini-me, but he was just a little prick so I stopped talking to him.

rm_BigDnLady 44M/42F
1140 posts
2/18/2006 10:11 am

Well, I named BigD's, dick...kinda like in a jokingly way! I called it Thunder!! Also, I call him my Mandingo!! I just think it's funny!


bigredeatsbush 52M/51F

2/18/2006 11:03 am

You know, I call my little buddy "Mr. Happy" I don't remember when he got the name, but I remember Ms Red really thought it was cute. I think I call him that because we always have so much fun together, he always cheers me up!

gussax 52M

2/18/2006 11:11 am

I have never named mine but I have an interesting penis name joke that I've been wanting to tell this guy I know. I used to date this gal a few years back. After we broke up she started seeing this guy that I know. This gal has two cats one named Willie and one named Spike, both which would make good penis names. I want soo much to tell this guy that the gal used to nickname my penis "willie" because it was as long as her cat willie's tail. Then I would say that she told me she used to nickname his penis "spike" because it reminds her of her cat Spike's tail. The thing that makes this funny is Spike is a manx and only has a tail about 2 inches long.

gussax 52M

2/18/2006 11:14 am

I remember at the end of the Pamela Anderson Roast on Comedy Central she said while grabbing her boobs, none of her success would not have been possible if it hadn't been for Pancho and Lefty. I thought it was hilarious and what good names for her boobs.

rm_ltsgetnwty 48M/45F
17 posts
2/18/2006 11:39 am

Mine doesn't have a name. It cums without being called.

tule33 54M

2/18/2006 12:04 pm

Mr Spanky to you my friend..lol..be well!

pragmaticCTcpl 63M/51F

2/18/2006 12:20 pm

Okay, I call mine "Freddie." Don't really know when or why I started calling him that, but when he's had his workout, it always seems to follow that I'll say, "Freddies dead..!" AND, I named my wife's "Sally." As in the song that goes, "Lay down, Sally..!"

One night while the man of the house was asleep, different parts of his body started to talk to each other. The hands were talking to the knee...the chest was talking to his ass...and his penis started talking to the feet.

The feet both agreed that they had the toughest job of the whole body.

"Every day, we have a tight sock stretched over us, we get stuffed in a tight shoe, laced up tight, and we have to walk all over the place, with the entire weight of the whole body on us."

"You think you have it tough?" said the penis. "Every night, I get a bag pulled over my head...have to do 50 push-ups...and then puke..!"

agedinwood757 65F
297 posts
2/18/2006 12:56 pm

gee this all reminds of the scene from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days"

great movie I think they named it "Princess Sophia"

Luv ya


wantonwill 61M

2/18/2006 1:05 pm

Purry....I havent a name for my penis...at one time it may have been "Mr. Happy", but that was a long time ago...nothing to be happy about anymore. Perhaps today I should call him "The Corpse Groom"...because he has been so dead lately.

women dont name their body parts?...LOL...what about "the girls", in reference to their breasts?

rm_hungrynord2 59M

2/18/2006 1:15 pm

Hi Purry and thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. A friendly face warms a heart. The name of my penis is Charlie, it just came to me one day. My best friend at the time was talking to me about my penis and I came up with Charlie. She had a good laugh over it and the name stuck. I even have it as part of my email address.
I think methodman100 should name his Mr Ed!

Kaliedascope61 43M
4084 posts
2/18/2006 3:42 pm

I've always made a game with it, and let the woman I was with name it. Its been called everything from spazzy magee to mr pokey pants.

rm_MuffMedic4 54M

2/18/2006 5:41 pm

i did not name mine. The name was bestowed upon me by a gielfriend while in Europe. Herr Spass ( Mr. Happy). I must have been well contented.

rwable55 67M

2/18/2006 8:20 pm

(rwable55) I guess iv'e always called mine him or he. It must be because it seems to have a mind of its own.

poboy_aj 64M

2/18/2006 9:31 pm

Never personally named my cock ... my two wives always had a name for it tho ...

SlowPlayin 51M

2/18/2006 9:47 pm

I call mine "Weeble" ... 'cause everyone knows weebles wobble but the don't fall down.

BordentownCity 73M
108 posts
2/19/2006 8:38 am

Interesting. I do not have a name other than "cow" (look at one of my pictures) which was named by someone. Once it was referenced as "Peter". Want to give me a name I can share with others?

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
9753 posts
2/19/2006 6:46 pm

Sail calls his Mr. Bo Bo because Mr deserves respect he says and Bo Bo because its just such a silly name....I think it should be Mr. Blow Blow

Purry {=}


HotSexyCupl 47M/43F

2/19/2006 7:13 pm

Sounds like you already named your AdultFriendFinder names after your genitalia.
PurryKitty is obviously your couchie coo coo ..... LOL ... and I guess Sails cock/mast is so big that you could attach a sail to it and go sailing!!! Hense, ....Sail!!!
I like to think of mine as the Bald One eyed Elvis ...or the Budding Hero .... LOL

1023 posts
2/20/2006 8:08 am

Well I never had a name for it until I get off the greyhound here in Blogtown. Then of course I saw a lot of injustices and degradations here and to immulate the truth liberty and pursuit of horniness here IT now has two names. By day it is the mild mannered TravelinginBlogtown, and the other name, while haulingass through the night in the name of justice, it's the lil Viking!

Or did you think I called it the Viking man meat?

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