World Trade Center movie?  

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7/19/2006 8:37 pm

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World Trade Center movie?

So, this poster was sitting in my local theater for months, and I figured that maybe I was going to get lucky, and it'd be one of those projects that dies off.

But, having seen the trailer for this movie at least 15 times today during various commercial breaks, I guess I was wrong. Now, I know they did that United 93 movie or whatever, but I didn't see that either. I think it's a shameless attempt to make money off of peoples' deaths, and as such, I have no intentions of seeing this movie.

It's not so much about being too soon or any of that. I just have little stomach for a shameless pursuit of the almighty dollar. Moreover, I think Hollywood has failed to produce movies of quality for the last 10 years or so. I remember a time between 94 and 98 when each year had two blockbuster movies that were original and extremely well done. Now they rely on terrible comic book/video game adaptations, old TV shows, and terrorist attacks to get some cash.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ok with the documentaries that have been done. That's informational. But Hollywood can't get a book to the screen without taking extreme liberties with the original work, so why should I trust them to portray this as anything but an overexaggerated Hollywood cliche cash machine? Not to mention the fact that there is no way they will ever properly convey the heroism of the guys that went into that building.

And lastly, I don't go to a movie to be depressed. It's like The Passion of the Christ, which I still haven't seen because I just couldn't find a moment where I'd want to see a guy get whipped, beaten, spit on, and nailed to a cross. The one time I actually sat through a film that was depressing by nature was K-19: The Widomaker. And that's because I thought it was an action film. Boy was I wrong. Don't see that movie if you don't want to spend the whole movie wondering if anything good will happen.

So, anyway, what about you? Going to see World Trade Center? It stars Nicholas Cage and opens in August.

rm_urwondering2 58F

8/3/2006 5:47 pm

I like Nick Cage.I will pay attention to reviews.hmmmm...may wait for video.

since it sounds like you hadn't seen good film in a while..go ck out Pirates w/Johnny Dep. he puts a lot of quirky humor into his character & it's VERY entertaining!

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