Virginity Until Marriage?  

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5/9/2006 10:53 pm

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Virginity Until Marriage?

Here's a good one. I was watching O'Reilly this evening, (because I find his show entertaining and occasionally informative, not because I'm uber conservative like some liberals might imply if they come by and find out) and he did a piece on teenagers who apparently have begun pledging their virginity will remain intact until marriage.

What the hell is that about? Seriously, I'm not encouraging teens to go out and fuck, but I cannot possibly see marrying someone I haven't slept with first. For one, I sure as hell am not going to get into a "till death do us part" situation with someone I might not find sexually compatible. That's just a recipe for misery or extra marital affairs, etc. Secondly, I consider the decision to have sex in a relationship to be one of those defining moments of how much you trust one another. I would feel silly committing to a lifetime relationship without expressing that simple act of trust.

What do you all think?

hornylilgirl78 107F

5/9/2006 11:41 pm

It's not a new concept. I remember when I was in high school hearing about kids signing "contracts" between themselves and God to remain "pure" until they were married.

My feelings - to each their own. If pledging to wait makes them feel better than who am I to say they are wrong (they'll realize that themselves after about 5 years of marriage to someone who's not compatable!!). I agree with you though, I will not marry someone I haven't slept with yet. Sex is one of the top three things that couples fight about, why make it worse by having no clue as to what you are getting into.


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5/25/2006 4:17 pm

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