The Interrogation of Divinity Desires: Abridged Version  

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The Interrogation of Divinity Desires: Abridged Version

The soft moans and gasps from women could be heard as divinitydesires was led into the back room. There she gasped, finding rows of beds and contraptions, some currently occupied by women from Blogville, all of whom were in the midst of some kind of horrendous tortures. For instance, SensuallyKatey was sitting in what looked like an average dining room chair, completely naked, her hands handcuffed behind her back and her legs bound to the chair’s legs, forcing them to hang open lewdly. Looking closer, DD gasped seeing what looked like a dildo extending from the chair and slowly pushing in and out of Kate’s wet slit, causing the latter to moan and fight her bonds in an attempt to get more adequate stimulation.

DD also spotted candy69sosweet, handcuffed spread-eagle on a nearby bed, squirming and pleading for someone to let her cum as the quiet hum of a vibrator strategically placed just above her clit held her on the edge of climax. DD turned to flee, but bumped right into Ptalk, who gave her a little shove, causing her to fall upon the bed behind her. Before she could move he was upon her, licking and sucking at her neck in a manner that made her almost unwilling to escape this chamber of horrors. Then as his hands roamed over her body, setting ablaze the fire of lust within her, she realized how so many women had befallen their fate here.

Soon her clothes disappeared, her mind too awash in the feelings of pleasure he was generating within her to even notice, never mind prevent him from removing them. Once his lips surrounded her now hardened nipples, she knew she was lost and surrendered to him. “Take me,” she breathed as her desires overwhelmed her.

“Not until you tell me the truth. I wasn’t really in the slots now was I?”
“Ohhh God you were. I promise it’s the truuuuth.” The last word turned into a low moan as his agile fingers began to tease their way along her now slippery folds, stirring up her juices and parting that delicate pink flower.
“Well, I just watched it for an hour and was not there. I think you’re lying. Maybe some time like the other ladies will convince you?”
“Nooo…not lying…oh God…please fuck me…”
His fingers began to probe her tight entrance, circling around as though caught in a whirlpool.
“Confess and I might.”
“Fuck…saw you…please fuck me…finger me…fuck me…eat me…”
Two fingers sank into her and she groaned, arching up to meet them.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Ohhh fuck…I saw you. I saw you. Fuck me please!”
The fingers retreated and she gasped, eyes opening in horror, hips thrusting at the air trying to find the missing invaders. “Nooo don’t stop…”
“I suppose if all you want to do is lie, I will put your mouth to better use.”
He moved over, his cock hard and throbbing brushing up against her lips.
“Oh fuck yes let me suck it…mmmm” she moaned as she eagerly took it into her mouth, bobbing her head and staring up at him with lustful eyes. Her hands began to creep downwards towards her steaming pussy, but he grabbed them and pinned them above her, inflaming her desire all the more as she hungrily sucked away at his stiff rod.
“See now that’s a much better use for a lying mouth. But that’s enough for you since you’re enjoying it too much I think.”
She only sucked harder, her head attempting to follow his cock as it retreated from her mouth only to result in further frustration when her neck could no longer keep it within reach.
“Now I think I will use your body for my pleasure and then leave you here until you’re willing to tell the truth.” He stated matter-of-factly. Then he was in her, pumping steadily away and driving them both towards climax, sucking and licking at her breasts and as his hands roamed over her body, leaving hers free to grasp his hips and pull him harder into her.
“Ohh God….I’m gonna cummm” she moaned grinding her hips back against his relentless assault. His eyes closed tightly at hearing her sexy whimpers and encouragements and then suddenly she could feel the pulsing of his cock within her, filling her full of his seed, the very thought enough to send her over the edge in a screaming climax which left her unconscious for a period of time unknown to her.

When she awoke he appeared to just be returning, looking rather sheepish for a man who had just had his way with yet another Blogville beauty.
“Er…well…I just came up in the slots while you were out there...” he said, and then almost as an afterthought added, “…sorry.”
“Mm…you have all night to make it up to me…” she replied, and opened her arms and legs to him. Then her own moans and grunts once again joined that of her fellow “captives.”

Just so we’re all clear here, I’m not much of a dominant persona, which is why this is so lacking in my usual descriptive goodness. As much as I’d love to satisfy some of the more submissive ladies around here by tying them up and “torturing” or “interrogating” them for hours upon end, that’s not really my style. Get me in the right mood and I would do the job with the same excellence I do everything else, but normally it’s not me. Soo in that spirit, I don’t want anyone to be offended or think my idea of fun would be to keep a bevy of sexy woman locked away in my basement or something.

Those of you who were included are always welcome to ask to be in a story, this type or not, if that should be your desire. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy it sometimes more when I get to weave in and around a particular premise with a particular person. My only difficulty is writing what I think you would do because I certainly don’t want to write a story and have the star say to themselves “yeah I’d never say/do that.” That invitation is also open to anyone else who regularly visits here.

Also a reason for the distracted nature of the writing here was the Superbowl this evening in which I think the Seahawks got robbed by a couple of shitty calls. But, since neither team was the Pats, I didn’t really care. As they say, better to be lucky than good.

Hope you enjoyed this little story anyway, and don’t forget, Caress, Tiller, and Saddle Ride Again is coming soon.

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2/6/2006 7:41 pm

Yeah! What DD says..

BTW: I can wait for me and the "Sista's" to ride again!

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