The Ideal Woman  

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The Ideal Woman

Fly was curious about what I'm looking for in a woman, so I thought it fitting to write a post about it. These are not my words, but of an author of another story because my literary abilities fail me in this particular area. Unfortunately I can't link to that author here thanks to the no-links policy. If you look hard enough, you can probably find Lazlo Zalezac's The Portal: Doorway to Adventure".

This is not the description he used in its exactitude. I removed a few things that I don't imagine as part of a my ideal or because they were not part of the description as his character is describing another character in the story. I have placed ellipses where I cut something, and have pasted the rest directly, this is why there are multiple quotations as that is how he wrote it.

"She is a woman of mixed ancestry. The result of that mixture gives her a very exotic appearance. The color of her unblemished skin reminds me of a perfect tan. She has long ... hair that hangs down to the middle of her back... The color of her hair is so ... that it reflects the light with a supernatural sheen."

"Her facial features are predominately white. She has an upturned nose, strong chin, and high cheekbones. Her lips are full and lush. When she smiles, her lips part exposing her brilliant white teeth. She smiles often and with devastating effect."

"It is her eyes that will draw your attention away from the rest of her face. They are brown in brown, giving a sense of depth. They sparkle with
intelligence. Looking at her eyes, you know that you would like to know more about her as a person. Laugh lines give testament to her good sense of humor."

"She is of medium height with the same kind of curves as Marilyn Monroe. She is soft to the touch, but there is strength beneath the surface. When she gives a hug, her body is soft and yielding even as she pulls you into her with surprising strength."

"Her breasts are probably a B cup. There is no waste when you cup them in your hands and yet they fill your hands in a most remarkable manner. The areolas are dark and topped with responsive nipples that erect to the size of an eraser when
caressed with a light touch. They are natural rather than silicon mountains that defy gravity."


"Her legs are long and lean. She wears heels to sculpt her calves, but they are not so high that they throw her stomach forward and her ass back. They are reasonable heels that allow her to walk with grace."

"One of the things that one notices is her posture. She has perfect posture. When she sits, her back is straight, her head is level, and her legs are together. She crosses her legs at the ankles. When she stands, her back is straight, her shoulders are back, her head is held up, and her weight is evenly distributed on her legs."

"She is amazing when still, but in movement she'll take your breath away. When she walks, she walks with deliberation - one foot in front of the other, adding a feminine sway to her hips. Her pace is slow and sensual."
"Every movement that she makes is graceful. When she sits, she lowers herself to the seat with control rather than flopping into the chair. When she reaches for something, her arms and hands move together so that she doesn't look as if she
is lunging at things. There is a real beginning, middle, and end to her movements. The beginning and ends are fixed points and the middle smoothly
connects the two without any jerky movements."

"It is not only what she does that makes her attractive, but the things she doesn't do. She never hurries or rushes her movements. She never clomps along looking like a duck or a stork in shoes that don't flex or are too tall. She doesn't move as though her body were a sack of flour."

..."She has a sense of fashion that knows how to tease the eye. In private, she wears long soft diaphanous gowns that hide as much as they reveal. Clothes that make you wonder where to look first. The colors are chosen to draw attention to the woman inside the clothes. The fabric is soft to the touch."

... "In public, her outfits are classy and no less sexy. She wears simple dresses that
are cut to show off her figure, not to distort it. The treasures of her body are hinted at rather than exposed to view."

"The neckline plunges, but stops before her breasts are revealed as little more than the beginning of swelling. It makes a man want to look, yet frustrates him that he can't see more. The lengths of her outfits are chosen to provide natural lines that make her body look normal. The cuts of the sleeves and hem are just above or just below the joints, rather than between joints like those flood-water pants that so many women seem to prefer, yet makes them look ridiculous when wearing them."

... "She doesn't wear shirts that are too short with pants that are too low, showing a bulging
belly created by an overly tight waistline. There isn't a tacky naval piercing drawing attention away from the woman that it is supposed to adorn. She doesn't rely upon babbles to look pretty. There are no tattoos to mask her natural beauty or break up the expanses of her skin."

..."More than her actual appearance is the woman inside. She is intelligent, witty, caring and
loving. She gives rather than takes. She asks rather than demands. When she says goodbye, her eyes mist letting you know that she is truly going to miss you."

..."She is also at ease with her body and knows
that the ultimate delight her body brings to a man is in bed. She doesn't worry if her buttocks are too large, legs too fat, or breasts too small. She knows that buttocks are for holding in the midst of passion and that any size will serve that purpose. Legs are to wrap around her man to pull him tighter into her and arms to pull him even closer to her for full body contact. She knows that breasts exist to be suckled, kissed, and licked. Even more importantly, she knows that any size breast can serve those purposes. She gives of herself to her lover without reservation."

Unfortunately he stops there. Were I that much a master of words, I would likely have continued on to some more specifics. And people wonder why I'm still single? LoL

I would point out though, that just because a woman does not necessarily fit this description in its entirety that I would not consider her beautiful or worthy of friendship or affection. Beauty exists in many forms.

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Now, you may want to comment on some of these...if you do, please, please leave a comment here and tell me which one(s) you commented on or I may never ever find the comments.

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she sounds perfect,

I'm a

i'm here to stay

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    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    MMMM..I had the dark hair..the eyes and the smile..but no Marilyn body..damn!
*chuckles* You can call me Mr. President anytime you want anyway

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    Quoting rm_flyaway1012:
    Very nice ptalk.....
    Even if you dont find the woman you described, I m sure you will find a woman that carries several of het qualities.
One can hope, but I still think I'm going to end up a single dirty old man

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Well I'll leave the door open then

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Or at least close enough

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