State of the Irreconcilably Divided  

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1/31/2006 10:39 pm

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State of the Irreconcilably Divided

So tonight was the State of the Union address and well...I didn't bother to watch it. Why? Because I'm pretty sure he just said what I expected him to say. Then the Democrats get on and say that everything he just said was bullshit. Then the analysts get on and they say everything everyone said was bullshit, or if they're politically affiliated they explain how their party owns all.

All in all=boring.

So instead, here's the real State of the Union:

Our government is so deeply entrenched in its political affliations that it has no hope of functioning as intended.

Our leaders are owned by corporations and political action groups and have no hope of leading effectively, as their positions have to be defined by those who pay their bills.

Our media is so busy trying to make a buck that they've done away with our right to privacy. Their lust for the almighty dollar has also driven almost every great mind or worthy leader from the political arena for fear that the one insigificant mistake from their past will be splattered across headlines for all the world to see.

Our country hasn't been as divided as it is now since the Civil War due to ignorance and an inability to see through the bullshit our politicians have been flinging.

Our educational system is worthless. Teacher unions crush school budgets. Teachers barely involve themselves in the lives of students. Most schools spend more time making students feel better about themselves than helping them to learn something.

Our students care nothing for learning, and are so busy fighting to find a clique to shield them from ridicule that they couldn't find the time if they wanted to. Intelligence is scorned and sports are praised.

Our adults are too obsessed with working long hours to adequately pay attention to their kids.

Our economy is dominated by an outdated industry which continues to suppress technology and progress to ensure their continued supremacy.

Our citizens' lack of education and apathy knows no rival.

Our time is wasited arguing over trivial and meaningless details with which our politicians keep the few minds that rise above apathy occupied lest they recognize the real problems we face.

Our Union is barely a Union and self-interest rules the day. Personal responsibility has vanished in favor of "poor me" and "it's not my fault" scenarios.

We care more about pleasing the world than doing what's right or necessary. We have no longer have the backbone to fight the good fight, be our weapons guns or words.

We are at the crossroads, the last chance to take the road that does not lead to destruction. So, stand up and applaude as our politicians lead us blindly by the nose straight to Hell.

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