Sex and Violence  

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11/29/2005 9:09 pm

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Sex and Violence

You know, here I was having a halfway decent day, looking forward to posting some jovial nonsense and running around cluttering up people's blogs with my nonsensical posts, and then a friend of mine showed me an article which stated that Senator Hillary Clinton has just introduced a bill that would..let me copy and paste so I can get this right..."would be a 'a prohibition against any business for selling or renting a Mature, Adults-Only, or Ratings Pending game to a person who is younger than seventeen.' It would punish violators with unspecified fines, though it did not specify if the clerk who sold the game or the retailer where said clerk worked would be punished. 'This provision is not aimed at punishing retailers who act in good faith to enforce the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESR system.'"

I was suprised to see this come from the Democratic/liberal side of the equation. Usually they're the ones defending freedom of expression to the point of absurdity. Normally it's the tightwad Republicans getting uppity over sex.

But I digress from the actual issue here. Let me first explain what prompted this legislation for those who don't know. A few months back, a video game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out, and in it, there was some unused hidden code which some enterprising young hacker found, cracked open, and distributed for all to see. In that code, there was a sexually oriented mini-game. This of course got everybody up in all kinds of crazyness because here in America, any hint of eroticism in anything resembling public media is evil and corrupting. The game, despite the fact that the hidden code was inaccessible normally, had to be relabled Adult-Oriented and then pretty much got pulled from shelves.

Keep in mind that before this sex mini-game got out, the game was already rated "Mature", the second highest rating. Keep in mind that before the sex mini-game got out, nobody was complaining about the fact that this game basically allows you to have a free-for-all in a major city resembling a cross between San Fran and LA. Nobody complained that in this game, I can carjack a cabby, run him over with the car I just jacked from him, and then drive off while firing my fully automatic weapons out the windows at innocent bystanders. Nor did they mind that I'm allowed to go purchase all manners of explosives and go to war with the police force should that fit my particular fancy for the day. If I'm not feeling particularly adventurous, I can get a baseball bat and wander the streets beating people to death, and that was ok too. But, the sex, well, now that's just plain wrong!

People have been after video games as the source of violence and lewd behavior ever since Pac-Man started eating ghosts. Every time some little kid goes on a shooting spree, "he no doubt saw it in a video game" is the first thing we hear. That kid who shot his girlfriend's parents and then took off with her, I waited all of two seconds before the psychologist they had on the news said, "he probably plays a lot of violent video games." I turned off my TV at that point.

All of this is due to what I like to call "Kyle's Mom Syndrome" or KMS. KMS is basically a disease that primarily afflicts bored soccer moms/dads who need a cause to occupy themselves and busy career moms/dads who decide to blame their kids' problems on everything except their own lack of parenting. "My kid would never have done that if he hadn't seen it in the video game," is their prime argument. My response is always, "WHY are you letting him play that kind of game in the first place? They even have RATINGS on the box now! You don't even need to read the back!" There were no ratings on games when I was a kid. My parents had to watch over my shoulder and see if I was decapitating people before they took the game away. (And they DID!)

I've run into 5-10 year old kids playing video games online at midnight on a school night no less. These are the kinds of kids who grow up and shoot people, because Mommy and Daddy don't take the time to tell little Johnny to go to bed. I listened to one kid tell his mother to fuck off and get him some more chocolate milk. I'm 23 years old and if I talked to my mother that way I'd accidentally fall down some stairs. Repeatedly. With a stick.

I'll admit, the violence is getting considerably more realistic. I mean, when I was kid, Mario died by shrugging and jumping off the screen. They were considerably tamer too, since the most I had to do was stomp some goombas and find out which fucking castle the damned princess was actually in! Although after the third time some little mushroom headed fucker told me she was in another castle I was ready to kill someone.

Video games do not cause violent behavior. However, people who are violent are likely to play violent video games because they enjoy violence, real or imaginary.

In my opinion, violent video games typically make us less violent. Think about it. You're furious. You want to kill someone. So you do, except that the person you just shredded with your chainsaw doesn't exist save in cyber space. How do you feel? Better. Did anyone get hurt? Nope. And who is the most likely person to be playing a lot of video games, the geeky timid kid or the football player who beats up on the geeky timid kid? The geeky timid kid doesn't have to shoot the football player because he's killing him every night for six hours straight (or masturbating to pictures of the head cheerleader...either way...) I'd bet those who do walk into school and kill that football player just got fed up to the point where the video game just wasn't enough to sate their bloodlust.

And, none of these school shootings would happen if the kid didn't spend every day being picked on by some dumb jock while the administration looks the other way.

Funny thing is, the people who need to be made aware of the potential violence/sex in video games are still going to slap their credit card down regardless of the law. Sure, their kids won't be able to, but they'll bitch and moan to mommy and daddy until they buy the game.

Hm. I kind of got more onto video game violence than I meant to, but this issue peeves me. I have been an avid gamer since I got my Nintendo, and I haven't shot anybody. I am a sex site though...well one out of two ain't bad.

gardinaire 55M

11/29/2005 10:01 pm

I would guess that the legislation is to secure votes from a specific block of voters. A typical political ploy used by so many of our fine upstanding legislators. Most of what they end up doing for us is actually doing for themselves or their financial sources. I think politicians have taken over the title of Scourge formerly held by Attorneys!! No offense to attorneys, I did not assign the title (need to have those disclaimers)!!!

rm_Ptalk1155 35M
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11/30/2005 7:17 pm

Oh, that much is obvious. But, the politicians wouldn't care if people didn't complain.

TexasMar 45F

12/3/2005 3:25 am

I completly agree with you one the point of parents needing to actually parent their own kids. Parents these days are expecting the schools to parent their kids. Then the second they do they get pissed at the schools.

I also agree think that thing are going totally crazy with kids these days. I am 32 years old and if I EVER talked back to my parents the way kids do these days I too would have been in some unfortunate "accidents" as well. Hell they would have beat the hell out of me and then called social services for me. Kids do not realize how easy they have it these days.

rm_Ptalk1155 35M
3450 posts
12/3/2005 8:20 am

Nor do parents. They can just swing by the shrinks office and pick up the kid's ADHD prescription whenever he acts up.

TexasMar 45F

12/3/2005 4:36 pm

Too true, but that one is a touchy subjet for me my son has ADD slightly. Maybe I will do a blog on that subject.

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