Night Series Part V  

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Night Series Part V

Continued from Night Series Part IV

Fifth Night:
He once again found himself staring off into space as he tried to come to grips with the fact that he was slowly going nuts. After an admonishment that the prank was over now, he had retreated to his office with orders to be disturbed as infrequently as possible. A bewildered staff wondered what prank he meant, but nonetheless respected his privacy.

Unfortunately, his mind began to wander, thinking about Dara and the weird dreams he'd had. And his young neighbor once again looked at him funny this morning as he had left the house, only making things weirder for him.
So did whatshername from accounting...starts with a 'J' I think. Boy I'm terrible with names. And speaking of names, Dara, what an odd name...
"Well we can't all be called 'Sir', can we?"
His eyes refocused on the room in front of him, to find the lovely Dara herself standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest, looking much as she did in the supermarket.
"I see I've progressed to outright hallucinations now...fantastic."
"Well you did call. I guess you've been having as much fun as I have mmm?" Her voice dropped to a husky whisper. "Do you want to have some fun right now? Mmm I do..."

Before he could respond, a few on his office door announced one of his project managers, who strolled in leafing through a file folder and in mid sentence.
"Sir I have those figures you were looking for, it looks like team B is much more productive. I think..."
He didn't hear too much, his brow furrowing as she walked clean through Dara's image, proving that the woman was, in fact, a hallucination.
"Sir? Sir did you get all that?"
"Huh? Oh yeah. I heard you. Just leave it on my desk Becky I'll get to it in a bit thank you."
Mmm, are you sure you don't want to have some fun?
Dara's arms slipped around Becky and she ran her tongue along the exposed length of Becky's neck. Much to his surprise, Becky turned crimson and stiffened suddenly.
She has such lovely tits too...they'd be so much fun... Dara's hands grasped the two beautiful globes of flesh through the dark navy blouse which held them back, squeezing them gently. Becky turned even redder, if that were possible, and began to stammer out a goodbye as Dara's hands ended their groping with one long, drawn-out tug on her nipples. The folder fell upon his desk and Becky abruptly all but ran from the room. This time, Dara's image vanished after Becky passed through it, leaving him bewildered again.

He shook it off and returned to work, the rest of the day passing uneventfully as he poured himself into the tasks at hand. Before he realized it, night had fallen again. He reached up and rubbed the tiredness from his eyes, yawning and stretching his sore muscles. Fortunately, he kept the most comfortable couch ever built in his office just for occasions where he worked too late to be worth going home. He set down upon it with a sigh and fell asleep without realizing it.

He found himself awake again not long after, seated on the couch.
"Mm, I can't believe you turned down Becky, but that's ok, more cock for me."
Dara was there between his legs, his erect organ freed from his suit and bobbing steadily with his heartbeat. Her hand was wrapped upon it and slowly stroking up and down. She hummed softly and then engulfed it in her mouth. In between sucks she continued to talk, "It's too bad really. That hot little nympho would've done anything you asked I bet. She would've bent over your desk, flipped up her skirt, and begged for you to fuck her. Oo! Your cock likes that idea. Becky bent over your desk...mmm that would be hot."
He rolled his eyes, only to find when he looked back down upon the lips encircling his hardened shaft that it was Becky sucking away. Dara had mysteriously teleported to his office chair where she sat naked with her legs spread, slowly masturbating herself with her fingers. As with previous nights, he could only assume this was a dream and let it continue once again.

Dara spoke up again, "Have you told him your secret desire yet Becky? Or does his cock taste too good to let go?" Becky shuddered and stood, turning and walking to his desk with a lust-filled sigh of contentment. She stood in front of Dara and unbuttoned her blouse, allowing her generous busom to pour forth for she had not worn a bra.
"Sir, you called me in here for my employee evaluation," she said, her voice dripping with innuendo. Dara motioned for him to come closer before reaching forth with her free hand and fondling Becky's breasts, taking special pleasure in gentle tugs of the woman's nipples. Becky moaned, "Ohh Sir, are my assets balanced?"
"Yes, Becky, your assets are perfect," Dara replied, "but I think we need to thoroughly inspect you as an employee. Why don't you get ready for your inspection?"
He moved over behind Becky as she lifted her skirt and pulled her sodden pink panties aside to reveal her dripping pussy.
"Ohh fuck, yes, yes I'm ready."
All the items on his desk were swept away by some invisible force as his cock rubbed along her wet lips, causing her to drop herself down upon it, the cold glass sending chills through her already stiffened nipples.
"Yes, yes inspect me! Inspect me!" Her hips gyrated against his cock, trying to force it inside her.
"You've waited a lonnng," Dara spoke as the hard shaft sank inch by inch into Becky's tight pussy,"time for this haven't you Becky? Such a bad, bad employee for wanting your boss so carnally."
"Yes, bad employee, soo very bad," Becky gasped as her first orgasm took her, sending her juices flowing along the hot flesh invading her slippery entrance.
"Tell me what you want Becky." Dara's voice began to break, betraying her own arousal as two fingers pumped steadily in and out of her in time to his cock, which now pistoned steadily in the cumming project manager.
"Oh fuck...take me Sir...use me Sir...fuck me on your desk, oh God fuck me, fuck me and...oh fuck..."
"Oh what Becky?" Dara gasped.
"Oh...God...I can't..."
"Tell, mmm, tell him Becky, you want to tell him don't you?"
Becky's knuckles went white as she gripped the desk, another orgasm washing through her pleasure-wracked body.
"Oh fuck, fuck...fuck me..."
"And, ungh, and what Becky?"
Becky could barely remain coherent, shocks of pleasure shooting from her nipples and clit as they rubbed along the smooth cool desk with each powerful thrust from behind.
"Fuck me...and...oh...fuck me and CUM...CUM in me! Cum in me! Oh Fuck! Oh fuck do it!"
"You want your boss to fill you with his cum? Is that what you want?"
"Fuck yes! Take me Sir! Cum in me Sir! I need it!
The breathy demands took their toll upon his mind and body, and suddenly, his hips drove deep inside her as he filled her with spurt after spurt of his hot cum.
"Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh fuck I feeelll it!" she screamed and lapsed into another massive climax, Dara's gleefull moans joining her.

Once again the world faded away until morning.

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mmm...and wouldn't it be soooo lovely\/..."Aahhh," says Susie.

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