Night Series Part II  

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Night Series Part II

Continued from Night Series Part I

Second Night:
He shook off the dream and went about his daily business without further incident. He was actually rather productive, completely forgetting about the dream. He was even able to get two of his employees to stop fighting for long enough to finish the project he had given them some weeks earlier.

Instead of cooking for himself that evening, he decided to splurge a bit, hitting a nearby favorite restaurant where the staff knew him well enough to bring him food without him saying a word. He was a creature of habit after all. He kept up on their lives and their interests instead, and once and a while if a staff member had some time, they would sit and chat with him about whatever random subject came up. Eventually, the time came to leave, and he said his goodbyes and signed the bill, slipped out, and went home.

His apartment took on an eerie feel to it tonight, as if he was being watched. He shrugged and opened a book, reading a story about a succubus who hypnotized a man and wife and took them back to her small villa. The two had long since lost the fire in their bedroom, and she used her powers of lust to reshape their thinking, feeding on their energy as the two born again lovers released years of tensions by coupling in every position they could without injuring themselves. After a few chapters of that, he decided he should go to bed. This time he fell asleep quickly and easily.

He awoke in the night unexpectedly. He felt a hand on his dick, but he was able to account for both of his. He went for the light switch again, having to kneel to reach since the hand refused to let him move away. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he found himself kneeling in front of the woman from the day before. She lay on her back along his bed, once again naked and grinning up at him.
“Mm, I love playing with your cock. I think it’s my favorite cock of all time.”
“How’d you get in here?!”
“No wonder this cock got so hard so fast. You’ve been without for a long time if your first thought about a naked woman in your bed is how she got there. Don’t you like me? Don’t you like my body? See, look at my breasts like you did last night. Aren’t they pretty?”
“What the hell is going on…they are very pretty yes but…”
“If they’re pretty maybe you should touch them again. I liked it when you touched them, don’t you want to touch them again?”

His mind, still foggy from sleep and believing this once again to be a dream, let his hands roam freely, slipping down to caress them. Her hand responded in kind, beginning to rub his ever stiffening pole.
“Mm, you do that sooo well. It makes my little cunny get all wet inside. Oh, your lovely cock seems to like that word. Do you like when I call it my little cunny? Yes you do. Your cock jumps each time. It makes me sound like a little virgin girl doesn’t it? Mm you’d like that wouldn’t you? Do you want me to be a little virgin girl with a tight little cunny? Mm yes, I’ll be your little girl tonight. I want to be your little girl.”
He blinked a few times as her body shuddered and seemed to grow younger. Her eyes sparkled with mirth, and then filled with innocence and questions.
“Oh mister, why are you touching me like that? It’s making me feel funny. Please don’t stop. And your thingy feels so nice in my hand. I never felt one before, but all my girlfriends talk about them. Oh, what’s happening to me, my cunny is all wet. I didn’t pee myself did I?! Oh, I’d be so embarrassed! Can you check and make sure?”
Her free hand moved to take one of his, leading it, and his eyes, down over her taut tummy towards her glistening womanhood.
“Why am I so wet mister? Please check and make sure I’m ok. I feel so funny with your fingers playing with my nipples like that.”
He didn’t answer her, entranced by her body and the feelings emanating from her hand lazily running up and down his shaft. His hand reached the slick wetness between her thighs, sliding between her lips and being coated with her juices. He could hear her older voice in his mind, encouraging him to play with her younger self. That’s it, touch her, make her feel good. Put your finger into her pussy and fuck her. Make her cum for you.
“Ohh mister, your fingers feel so good in there. That funny feeling is getting stronger. Please don’t stop. Oh, what are you doing to meee? You’re putting your finger in my cunny! Oh it feels good. Don’t stop. Oh you’re fucking me with your finger! Oh, oh, oh…”
Their bodies fell into a strange synchronization, his free hand alternately tugging on her nipples in time to his fingers thrusts, her hand sliding up and down him in the same rhythm.
Slip another finger in there. Stretch that young pussy. Mm, tickle her special spot inside. Make her cum!“Oh! You put another one in meeee! Oh God, the funny feeling is getting so strong. Ohh something’s happening…something’s happeninggggg….”
Yes! That’s it! You’re making her cum nice and hard. She loves it. Look at her body arch and squirm!
The young body on the bed writhed and moaned, her juices flowing freely and soaking the sheets of his bed. As she slowly came down from the massive orgasm, her body shifted again, growing back to the woman he met in the supermarket and whom he found in his bed two nights in a row now.
“Mm, that was very sexy. Oh! You didn’t cum for her. Did you save that just for me? Mm I’m glad.” She started stroking him again, an overwhelming desire to cum for her spreading through his body once again. “Give me a good cum now, squirt it all over me. I love it when you cum on me. C’mon baby do it. Oh here it comes! Do it! Cum on me!”
He grunted, and he once again found himself spraying his seed over her body, listening to her delighted squeals and encouragements as he did so. Then, as before, she gathered it on a finger and sucked it into her mouth just before he found himself waking up the next morning.

**Just as a disclaimer so that I don't get sued or flamed, I am not advocating sex with a minor, nor do I mean to imply the "younger version" (the reason for the quotes shall be revealed later in the story) is underage. She is as old as the reader's imagination wants her to be. I'd love to know how old you think she is, however, why, and if it's a turn on or off.**

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I'm thinking 35...or older, I can become a lil girl in a heartbeat....daddy. Only an older woman can revert like that and still be a total woman sexually. LOL

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