I'm Too Damned Nice  

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11/26/2005 8:58 pm

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I'm Too Damned Nice

Yeah, I don't mean to imply with my last post that I hold this blog more important than my real world existence, simply that he's been here for three days pretty much uninvited so I'm getting tired of his presence. With the exception of freshman year in college, I've had my room to myself, and I like it. It gives me a place I to where I can sneak off and not worry that anyone will be there.

More importantly, I like to do what I say I'll do. Sort of a pet peeve of mine.

But, he really has no place else to go for this short holiday break (he's still in college and his family moved quite aways) so I have not the gaul to throw him out. You know, in my younger years, I wouldn't have hesitated to at the very least display my irritation since I spent most of my adolescence as a selfish prick. That died off in college for some reason or another, probably because I started getting laid lol. 'Course, with all the shit this last year, I lost my backbone too, so now I don't bother to fight anything at all. And I definitely haven't been getting laid in the last...wow..that's a long time...too long to be revealing on a sex site haha. Well, in my defense, I haven't been pursuing sex in that time; it hasn't been and is not a priority to me.

Bah. Bah I say.

Anyway, I'll get to that story soon I hope, and you can all read it and tell me how horny you got and how you'd jump my bones if you met me thinking that I must be a sexual dynamo for having the skill to write such artwork.

Hey! Stop laughing already, it wasn't that funny.

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