GoddessofBitches' Guide To Female Geography  

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GoddessofBitches' Guide To Female Geography

Hello once again. Welcome to another edition of Ptalk's Seductive Strategies. You may have seen our previous installments Saddletrampsk's First Guide to Trampdom and Caressing Caress. My volunteer for today is GoddessofBitches GoddessofBitches *turns and presents her, she waves and smiles* and she’s going to be teaching us all about Female Geography for all you lads that have a tendency to get lost and confused. *GoB gestures for him to lean closer, he does* Huh? Oh…really? *chuckles* That’s a good one. Ok, we’ll go with that.

One of the things that we as educators find in teaching students is that word association will often help people remember terms and definitions. GoB has suggested using real geographical locations along with the actual names of her body parts to assist you in remembering what is where and what to do with what.

Ok, let’s start with today’s lesson. Goddess, would you kindly strip and lay on our comfortable bed platform here? *she seductively slips out of her clothes, enjoying playing for the camera while he looks on in amusement. Then she lays back along the comfortable ocean blue silk sheet covered mattress.*

We’ll be moving North to South largely, the top of her head *touches her head and strokes her hair a bit* being the Northerly side. Just to help, we have a big compass in the floor here. *clicks his universal remote and the camera swings to a view above her, showing her body perfectly aligned with the N and S symbols carved into the floor*

Now, each lady will be slightly different, but this is the general look to the female form. The idea is to traverse your way from North to South such that your lady gets the maximum amount of pleasure. This may involve a lot of stopping to see the sights in various places, as it were.

The first place of interest is her eyes. These are the seas surrounding Britain (which we know has the monopoly on noses), which are vast and full of life beneath the waves of emotion you will find there. This is where you need to start your journey. You want to look into them, and make her feel as though she’s more than a piece of land for you to cross.

Once you’ve accomplished that, continue past them and you find your next point of interest, her mouth, which is actually temporally displaced ancient Babylon that somehow ended up in France so that I could maintain a geographical theme here. This is a wonderful place to spend some time, but first you need to pass the Babylonian gates, otherwise known as her lips. *gently traces his fingers across them*
So, you want to kiss and impart passion through her lips and mouth, but don’t slobber, and don’t force it, or those gates will slam shut faster than God can knock a tower down. Instead, you want her to melt. Observe. *leans down and kisses her long, slow, and deep*

After spending some time in this weirdly displaced Babylon, it’s time to head South to her neck, as though you were visiting the vineyards of France, where the deep rouge colored wine flows. This is a good place to savor her scent, as well as get your first taste of something quite intoxicating. Kissing, licking, and nibbling in this area is certain to get her attention in helping you cross her huge tracks of land later. *brushes her hair away proceeds to demonstrate the proper technique of using his lips and tongue upon her neck*

When you’ve tasted all the goods the vineyard has to offer, you’re going to continue South again. If you know your European geography, the next thing you will encounter is a mountain range, known as the Alps. As you can see, Goddess indeed has a mountain range, otherwise known as her breasts. These can provide for much entertainment, and you will want to scale these mountains to their twin peaks, or her nipples. *his fingers lightly dance over them for emphasis* Continue your kissing technique up the mountains and to the very tippy top. *his kisses make their way along the supple flesh of her breast to the stiff nipple at its zenith poking up at the sky* Then, plant your flag on each one by suckling it into your mouth. *his lips encircle the hard nub and he sucks on it ever so slightly, swirling his tongue about*
Make sure to scale both peaks of course, wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. *he repeats his actions on the other breast, using his free hand to cup and massage the former one*

By now, if you’re doing your job well, she should be hot and bothered and ready to grant you leave to proceed to civilization. If you continue South past the Alps *his kisses travel down past her belly button*, you’re going to reach the center of the ancient world, Rome (also known as her pussy.) It is the first area you will encounter which has its own plumbing and duct system, providing lubrication to its various parts. The most important place to visit here is the large bump at the top, her clit. Visiting this area properly will lead to an invitation to proceed directly to the heart of Rome. This is a sensitive area, so tread with care. First, explore all around the bump so that you may get a lay of the land. *his tongue slithers out to languidly lick the area around her clit, circling slowly towards it* Then, you may visit it properly. *fingers slip up and down in the juicy folds of her pussy as his tongue finally traces its way across her excited bud, flicking it back and forth before his lips descend upon her while she writhes and bucks in pleasure. He continues her torment when her body stiffens and her back arches, until at last the waves of pleasure pass through her and she lays back panting.*

*he disrobes himself* Let’s assume you, *points to his hardened cock pulsing in the breeze* are Caesar. Before Caesar returned to Rome, he had to conquer the lands all the way up to that of the Britons’. So if you want to be sure you’re Caesar, make sure you stop back in ancient Bablyon and see if you’re welcomed. *moves so that his cock is within range of her lips, she slips her hand around it and pulls him closer, her tongue extending to lick along its length before she takes into her mouth and begins to suck*
Looks like Goddess has approved of Caesar’s crown, and we can proceed to conquer Rome. Now, Caesar was smart enough to bring his army with him, and we certainly don’t want to arrive unprotected either if we’ve never been there before. So, don’t forget your army *produces a condom and rolls it on*
*he slips on top of her, and her legs spread wide for him like the arms of the Roman people to embrace Caesar’s return. His lips meet hers once again, and they share a passionate kiss while hands roam over each other’s bodies. She reaches down and rubs his stiff rod up and down her slick lips, grinning like Cleopatra, before placing him at her entrance. He presses himself into her and she gasps, whispering “Welcome home Caesar.”*
You may also try and angle your attack upwards a bit, because inside Rome is the Senate, a small body that when agitated can produce a lot of noise.
*he adjusts himself so that each thrust helps to stimulate her G-spot, causing the aforementioned noise to emanate from her throat, encouragements of harder and faster as he proceeds to conquer Rome, his army battling back and forth for control, being pressed in and out of the tight confines of her majestic city. Their mouths lock in a similar duel as the climax of this battle crashes over the ancient world, Caesar’s last volley pulsing within the heart of the city while Rome herself trembles in ecstasy*

*After a short moment of holding and caressing her, he slips free and uses his magic remote to make the condom disappear*

There’s one more ancient place you may want to visit, located a bit south of Rome, and is considered the back door to Europe. This is Greece, or her ass, *he rolls her over and massages her tight butt for a bit, before spreading her cheeks to demonstrate* It is certainly a lovely land. *he winks at her*

Now, conquering Greece will be a slow and difficult campaign, but it can be very rewarding. However, we are out of time today, so we hope you'll join us again for another installment of Ptalk's Seductive Strategies. We hoped you’ve enjoyed our geography lesson, and of course, thank you to the lovely GoddessofBitches for being our volunteer.

This has been another presentation of Ptalk's Seductive Strategies (TM). We hoped you've enjoyed our informational film. For hands on demonstrations, please E-mail the address on your screen. Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day.

(My apologies, this came out far more humorous than sexy, but I couldn't help myself. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.)

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1/27/2006 4:30 am


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How about something with Macedonia?

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

1/27/2006 11:34 am

I knew I would give you some ideas....lol... my husband thinks the presentation is awesome. We actually referred to Ceasar last night... after this, he gives your Ceasar full access to MY Rome whenever you want.

I loved being your map...we must do it again sometime...


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*grins back at Caress*

Saint, well you'd have to ask Mandy about that one, her and her husband were the ones that started that whole naming thing and I just ran with it.

Thank you as always DD.

Mandy: Indeed you did lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I would be honored to visit Rome whenever you'd like. Many thanks to your hubby for the invitation as well. Next time we'll make you into a treasure map and find out if X really does mark the spot

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