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For All The Geeks

What was your favorite Star Trek series and movie?

I really enjoyed The Next Generation, since I grew up with them and was too young to see the original on TV except in reruns. But, I still have to say the original is my favorite hands down. Then TNG, then probably Voyager, then Deep Space 9. I don't consider Enterprise as existing in the Trek universe since it both sucked and constantly went against pre-established BIG stuff not just little silly details. As such, they repeatedly told us to consider it outside the timeline. So I do

My favorite Trek movie is still VI: The Undicovered Country. It would be Khan, but VI has better prettier shots of the Enterprise and is the first one I can remember seeing in the theater. My least favorite is either Generations or Insurrection depending on my mood. The former was fine up until about the last 20 minutes, which just sucked hardcore. The latter was just kind of mediocre with some good spots. I'm not a partcularly big fan of the first movie either, mainly because of the pajamas and how damned slow it is.

As an added bonus for your answers, here's a great little tune that perfectly captures the Star Trek world.

I was stranded on a planet
Just me and Spock
We met a nasty Nazi alien
He locked our asses up
We found a hunk of crystal
and a metal piece of bed
We made a laser phasor gun
and shot him in the head.

Bust a move Tog

I was standing on the bridge
When Sulu came to me
His eyes were full of tears
He said "Captain can't you see?
The ship is gonna blow do something I beseach!"
I grabbed a tribble and some chewing gum and stopped a warp core breach.

And I say bounce a graviton particle beam
Off the main deflector dish
That's the way we do thing lad
We're making shit up as we wish
The Klingons and the Romulans
Pose no threat to us
'Cause if we find we're in a bind
We just make some shit up...

And though he's just a child
And something came a twit
Wesley is the master when it comes to makin' up some shit
He's the guy you want with you when you go out in space
Now if only he could beam those pimples off his face

And if you're at a party
On the starship Enterprise
And the karaoke player just plain old up and dies
Set up a neutrino field inside a can of peas
Hold on to Geordi's VISOR and sing in to Data's knee

-repeat chorus--

Sisko's on a mission
To go no bloody place
He loiters on a space station above Bajoran space
The wormhole opened up and the come from near and far!
We'll keep the booze but please send back the fuckin' Jem-Hadar

What is with the Klingons?
Rememberin' the day
They looked like Puerto Ricans and they dressed in gold lame
Now they look like heavy metal rockers from the dead
With leather pants and frizzy hair and lobsters on their heads

--repeat chorus--

Well, I was stuck on Voyager, pounding on the door
When suddently it dawned on me I've seen this show before
Perhaps I'm in a warp bubble and slightly out of phase
'Cause it was way back in the sixties when they called it "Lost in Space"

We were looking for a way to make the ratings soar
So we orchestrated an encounter with the Borg
Normally you'd think that that would get us into shit
But this one has a smashing ass and a lovely set of tits

And I say
Bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish
Thats the way we do things lad, we're making shit up as we wish
The Klingons and the Romulans pose no threat to us
'Cause if we find we're in a bind we're totally screwed but nevermind
We'll pull something out of our behinds,
We just make some shit up

--Voltaire, The USS Make Shit Up

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3/14/2006 3:53 pm

I loved the ORIGINAL series on television...
absolutely loved it! Still will watch the reruns...
they were...the best! As a young woman, I used to
have fantasies about Spock...good God! Where in sam
hill was my brain? That might explain some of my
seriously scarey relationship lesssons over the years

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

caressmewell 54F

3/14/2006 7:53 pm

It would have to be the original series..but I'm still not a huge fan.

funky69z 37F

3/15/2006 12:42 pm

For some reason seven of nine holds my interest! so I will have to go with voyager

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3/19/2006 2:52 am

At last another trekkie...

Jean Luc Picard is the only real captain, Worf is definatley the sexiest man in space, but I would fight you for 7 of nine, and it would be interesting to play with Data. There should never be a woman captain..ever its just not right (sorry ladies, but its Star Trek).

I have a tribble on my desk, sad woman that I am I got it in Vegas at the Star Trek experience. Also go pictures of me with a Klingon, and in Uniform with Jean Luc, and got the different ships Badges...OMG..I am a nerd.

'Make it so'

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