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1/14/2006 11:11 am

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In lieu of my 100th post I just thought it'd be appropriate I explain how I approach reponsding to comments, since so many people have been coming by lately.

Basically, what I'll do is wait for a few to stack up (usually about 24 hrs worth) unless there's one there to which I'm especially inclined to reply. When I decide to respond to comments, I like to make sure I say something to everyone who comments on a post, so usually if I can't think of something for a number of people in that group I won't respond at all. I like my responses to be a bit more than "thanks!" or "LoL" so on posts where I don't get a lot of discussion-generating comments you probably won't hear from me either.

But, I do want everyone to know that I do read every comment and respond whenever I can find something worth saying lol.

So, thanks to you all for coming by and thank you double to those who leave comments

My in depth abortion post is coming along nicely, you will probably see it tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Blogging!

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1/14/2006 9:35 pm

CONGRATS on the 100th!!!!

With me, I was responding to all of my comments at one point. I too, would wait for a few to pop up because I didn't like the idea of an individual comment for each person. I thought taking care of all of them at once would seem more subtle..and less "comment whore"-ish.

Then, once I was on the POPULAR LIST and getting a bunch of comments, I was having trouble answering them and reading the blogs of those who commented.

Since dropping down off the list, I am getting better and visiting blogs and commenting to those who comment.

It takes some getting used to and a lot of time...but I feel it's all worth it.

AGAIN...CONGRATS...and I look forward to the next 100


Always The Bitch

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1/15/2006 12:49 am

appreciating the fact that you read and don't just
mindlessly comment...there is a lot to be absorbed
back here in this little community of thinkers and
writers! congratulations on your sure you
have had an opportunity to process some things for you
on the reading and writing path!

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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