A Laugh Can Change A Day  

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8/25/2006 10:38 am

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A Laugh Can Change A Day

So yesterday was a series of ups and downs for me, and I was reminded at the end of it how easiy it is for a good laugh to turn around an otherwise miserable day. So today, I invite you to visit blogs and leave jokes and other amusements so that those who, like me, are having a less-than-fantastic time lately can get their day turned around.

Today's joke from me to you, and it's an oldie but goodie:

Two men were sitting drinking in a Pub set near the edge of a rocky bluff. Suddenly, one of the men dashed out the door towards the cliff. Curious, the second man watched the first through the window. To the second man's horror, the one standing near the edge suddenly jumped off. The man rushed outside to see what became of the suicidal one, only to watch in amazement as the wind seemed to pick the jumper up just in the nick of time and float him gracefully back up to the top of the cliff.

Staring in disbelief, the man followed the jumper back into the Pub. The jumper quickly downed a pint of beer and took off back outside to the cliff, where he proceeded to leap off only to be saved from death and carried magically back to the top once again. Three times to the utter confusion of the first man did the jumper repeat this routine.

At last, the man confronted the jumper in the Pub, and asked him why he didn't die. The jumper said to the man, "Drinking this special beer makes me light enough so that the wind at the bottom of the cliff can push me back up." So the man ordered a pint himself, and drank it all down. Then, anxious to try this out for himself, ran outside and dove off the cliff...

...and splattered on the rocks below, dying instantly. Inside the Pub, the bartender looked at the jumper with distaste and said to him,
"You know, you can be a real asshole when you're drunk Superman."

angelofmercy5 60F
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8/25/2006 12:00 pm

I love this one! And I needed the laugh too!

tight_n_tasty2 51F

8/28/2006 8:36 pm

LOL I loved this joke *thank you for sharing it and see you tomorrow~~Goodnight

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