100 Things About Ptalk Part 2  

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100 Things About Ptalk Part 2

Continued directly from 100 Things About Ptalk Part 1.

51.) I was cursed/blessed with my father’s singular wit. (Thanks dad…
52.) I don’t, however, share his attraction to blondes. (I tend to lean more towards brunettes.)
53.) But, I don’t have a particular preference as to body type/hair color/age etc. when it comes to the opposite sex. (So long as everything fits properly…
54.) Actually, I’m pretty oblivious to the opposite sex both in their physical appearance and attempts to flirt. “Dude, she was flirting with you.” “Who?” and “Man that girl was hot.” “What girl?” are common conversations that occur around me. (Probably due to my head always in the clouds…
55.) Also, as a seeming result of that, any fantasies I have typically lack those kinds of details for the most part. (Weird eh?)
56.) I also typically fantasize in third person looking over my shoulder. (Double weird)
57.) Speaking of fantasies, most of mine involve two women, one slightly older than me teaching one my age with me being a convenient nearby prop. (Not a bad job to have I must say.)
58.) I have never been on a proper date. (Kind of surprising since I like movies so much.)
59.) As such, I have never had the dis(?)pleasure of having sex in a car. (Not there’s any room in my little Honda.)
60.) There was that all day marathon though…(I was pretty hungry that night for sure.)
61.) Evidenced by what I drive, I have no qualms about my penis size. (Haven’t even bothered to measure.)
62.) Speaking of not knowing things about my little friend there, I didn’t know I was circumcised until a very embarrassing conversation with my mother about Jews and Nazis. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I was in college at the time. (So sue me, I never bothered to look at other guys’ equipment, so how was I to know what the difference was?)
63.) I am not Jewish. I was actually raised Catholic but I don’t really practice any religion. (I’m sooo going to Hell…
64.) While I have serious issues with most religions, I don’t take exception to religious practices occurring on government property or in public places. (We have freedom of religion after all…
65.) I like the idea of freedom of speech, but there are too many people exercising that right. (Most of them are in politics.)
66.) I also don’t get uppity about sex, violence, or so-called foul language on television or in movies, nor do I think showing them causes certain undesirable behavior in children. (I think parents shouldn’t be letting kids watch that stuff in the first place.)
67.) However, I’ve never been much of a porno watcher so I didn’t see anything there either (another contributor to #62). As a matter of fact, I only have one porn video clip, and it’s only still on my computer because I’m too lazy to delete it. (And it’s of three women)
68.) I’ve also never bought, borrowed, been given, or stolen a porno mag. (Sorry, nothing under my mattress.)
69.) I usually turn this number into a competition, which I usually lose because I’m at a genetic disadvantage. (Best 2 out of 3?)
70.) Instead of porn mags and videos, I usually read erotica. (Though I’ve begun skimming through the sex to get to the plot since you can only describe the same acts so many ways.)
71.) I had only written one piece of erotica prior to joining this site. (It was for my ex)
72.) It involved two girls who wanted to be tutored by me. They did not actually need tutoring. (Neither did their friends or my ex when they all joined in.)
73.) The best erotic story I ever read was about a man who falls in love with a pair of twins, and they all find out they’re basically the next evolution of man. (And he is the only one who could tell the twins apart.)
74.) At the end of the aforementioned story, the man and his twin wives eventually make love one last time and pass away afterwards in each other’s arms. The author calls it “death by fucking.” I hope to be that lucky in death. (Good way to go, inn’t?)
75.) I do not fear death. (It’s a natural part of life.)
76.) My only hope is that before I die I am able to significantly positively affect the world before I do. (As that character did.)
77.) If I were to ask Death if I should be afraid, I’d like him to respond “Not a man like you.” (Like in the movie Meet Joe Black)
78.) Also from Meet Joe Black, I hope to one day be able to say, “And I'm going to break precedence and tell you my one candle wish: that you would have a life, as lucky as mine where you can wake up one morning and say, ‘I don't want anything more.’” (That will be difficult. I’m quite ambitious.)
79.) I have a bad habit of chewing on a pen and kneeling on my chair when I’m working on something important. (This leads to a sore jaw and sore knees.)
80.) I once almost got detention for doing that. (Got out of it by not doing it again for the rest of the year. The teacher didn’t think I could pull it off.)
81.) I did actually get detention for eating skittles in class. (Stupid anal retentive English teacher...)
82.) I may write very well, but I’ve never had an English teacher I liked. (I don’t think windows and hats and sticks sharpened at both ends are strategically placed symbols.)
83.) Regarding good books, my current favorite author is Neal Stephenson. (“Snow Crash” being his best book.)
84.) I enjoy reading. (As if this weren’t already obvious.)
85.) But I find it damned difficult to find a comfortable position to read books. (Always end up with a backache.)
86.) I am a terrible sleeper and often wake with some kind of ache. (Anyone want to take care of that in the morning for me?)
87.) Most often my dreams involve me fighting an overwhelming force to defend my family and/or friends. (But I always get super powers to make it a little more even…
88.) I often feel a sense of urgency to my life, as though I should be prepared for such a conflict. (Bible code says Armageddon in 2012)
89.) Surprisingly enough, I don’t have an overwhelming urge to go have sex with every woman on the planet…(just the sexy ones…kidding!)
90.) Well, so close and yet so far…I believe the thing the world needs most right now is education. (But not the crap they’re serving in US schools.)
91.) I think the two main problems with the US education system are: 1. Allowing cliques of popular students to devalue intelligence in favor of beauty. 2. Teacher unions preventing the firing of bad teachers and sucking school systems dry monetarily. (Teaching is not about money.)
92.) I hope to one day be powerful enough to build my own school systems from the ground up, elementary all the way to college, that give kids a real and comprehensive education. (There will be no unions in my schools.)
93.) The main thing my schools will teach is personal responsibility, that is to say that each choice we make has consequences that are no one’s fault but our own. (No more of this sissy handholding.)
94.) My schools will not allow feminists to teach little girls that being a stay at home mom is an unworthy occupation. My schools will also teach that a college degree and an office job is not the only way to happiness and prosperity. (We’re sorely lacking in carpenters etc. because nobody wants those jobs.)
95.) I still believe, despite our flaws, the US still is the best nation on the planet. (And the last best hope for world peace without a nuclear holocaust in the near future…
96.) However, I believe our government needs a house cleaning. (With a flamethrower…
97.) Get me into a political debate, and I can talk for hours without pause or need for rest. (Many people make that mistake.)
98.) The craziest political debate I ever had was defending my idea of reinstituting a Geisha-style sexual education system whereby young men learn from older women and teach their peers. (It ended in a draw. That is to say, we all wanted to go to bed.)
99.) This one is by write-in request by a member of our blogging community whose panties I can keep wet 24/7 and of whom I have some compromising pictures (No, I won’t tell you who and no you will not be able to guess). She asked about my general asexuality (like I expressed in #54) and why am I that way. I suppose it’s a combination of extremely high standards and a very high trust requirement for those whom I call friend and/or lover. Due to item #1, It takes me a long time before I trust anyone enough to call them friend, and much longer for me to even think about them in a sexual way. So far only one person has ever met the trust criteria, and we are not currently together. (Plus, women are just plain nuts. )
100.) I really enjoy receiving and replying to comments on my blog’s nonsensical ramblings. I very much appreciate all of you coming by to read about me, and as a bonus, I’ll post the answers to James Lipton’s quiz from Inside the Actors Studio.

Hope you enjoyed my list.

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DD, mostly the latter. I know which buttons to push and I do, not so much because I'm horny but mostly because I enjoy the reaction I get from it and it's fun. I don't try to lead anyone on, but I don't mind helping them stay aroused if they so choose.

Luscious: Thanks!

Nikki: No, no fibbing here. I'm told I act older than I am.

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Very cool...


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