What its like being an Entrepreneur  

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1/20/2006 3:33 pm

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What its like being an Entrepreneur

Being and Entrepreneur is in my opinion something that one cannot change. You either are or aren't. As I have taken a bit of an entrepreneurial break my mind is still flooded with Ideas. Build it, Brand it, and Sell it...that's my Motto.

Many people have the misconception that being a business owner is some prestigious super all inclusive state of utopia. Not true!!!

It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create what at one point in time is nothing more than a vision of something that will become. Twists and turns are without a doubt the essence of business. The business world is no respecter of individual hopes and aspirations. Often times it is impossible to gain support from others who do not have the same vision. Like my Old Girlfriend. It is important to eliminate those people from your life so that the psyche is not negatively impacted. Criticism and skepticism from non entrepreneurial individuals should be disregarded as nothing more than an opinion. An opinion… of a person… who does not have the vision. Such opinions are not conducive to the goals of an entrepreneur and should not be entertained for more than 1 second if it takes focus from the passion behind the vision.

Many will gather around you in the height of success, but few will join in the trenches of building success.

Entrepreneur until I die.

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