Beginners Anal  

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4/4/2005 11:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Beginners Anal

I know many people who fantazise about Anal Sex. Some take to it right away and it makes some women insanely multi orgasmic! Some truly desire to have it be a joyful experience.

Me and my gal have been slowly working on it, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes doesn't work so well.

I'd like to see a sharing of stories or suggestions that may help the efforts of the Starfish Seekers enjoy their quest for the Dark Side.

Pogospal 73M  
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4/11/2005 6:11 pm


Over the years I have introduced several ladies to the delights of play in the "cinnamon ring" and like you said, sometimes its enjoyable and sometimes....wellllllllllll.... Kinda like sex in general, different times for different fun. The response has generally been verrrrrrrrrrrry positive and I've witnessed some of the most remarkable orgasms that way and a couple of times was worried that I'd have to call 911 to resuscitate the lady. (only slight exaggeration)

Sensing when your partner is up for a heavy no holds barred round is essential cuz relaxation is key to reception. Lots of foreplay with plenty of good lube to relax even more is the second essential. Working up to two fingers is advised and then some toy play to further prep and drive her wild as she wants to be. Entry must go slow and its advisable for you to hold your place and let her back onto you at her speed to let things find equilbrium. Take it easy for awhile til she gets used to your being there and then hang on cuz you're in for a willllllld ride, not to mention some earplugs if she's as vocal as those I've experienced.

Also advisable is keeping a stash of towels handy at the bedside for after... I'm still scheming on a consumer appliance that dispenses hot moinst towels on demand at the bedside .... hmmmmmm one more invention needed <grin> Also gotta change my profile to "Couple" cuz m'lady & I are in that mode ... and celebrating the togetherness.

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sexysailors2005 67M/61F
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7/16/2005 11:49 pm

it must be the Extasty speaking!!!!
From my experience, ladies eitherlike it or absolutely hate it, no in between. Even those who really love it, never have the kind of orgasm hinted at above, it's all for the guy. It's a gift when given and that's more BS

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