My second time when i was 12 and she was 12 as well  

rm_Pornosurfer 36M
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9/7/2006 10:49 am
My second time when i was 12 and she was 12 as well

When i was 12 years i moved to another school and all of a sudden there was new girls every where.
I met one called Lotta or Ann-Charlotta or something i can not remember. I use to see her after school take the buss to her place and then another buss home to mine. It was a bit of a run around but you anything for some action when you 12 years. I recall we did a lot of petting and stuff and one day when her mother was doing vacuum cleaning in the house we took off all our cloth. I had no idea what i was doing i never even started to stroke it. It just went in there and after maybe 1 min or so i guess i came. I do not think it was that good for her and it was not that god for me neither but i it was better to have done with some one you liked. Soon after that it was summer hollidays and we never had to chanse to try once more and after the holidays she got a new older bf. I got myself another one in the summer time but thats another story

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