What the Hell is a Blog Anyway!  

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10/7/2005 6:33 am

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What the Hell is a Blog Anyway!

Okay, I am finally writing my first blog. What is a blog anyway? Microsoft Word doesn’t even recognize it. It wants me to replace it with blob or maybe blow. To me, it sounds like something from a Rorschach test - you know, the ones where the Psychologist shows you pictures of ink drops blotted on folded paper and ask what they look like? To me they all looked like…well you get the idea!

Maybe a blog is something you have to do to get into that really cool frat house in college. You know like drinking a bunch of shots of beer and doing something incredibly stupid…. “Holy S*** did we get blogged last night”

No you say? Completely off base? Hmmmmm….

I guess this almost 50 guy needs to catch up with the times. If I ask my teenage kids I’m sure they will roll there eyes and try to speak slow so the old guy gets it while they explain the obvious. No, instead of suffering the indignity I guess I’ll just Google it!
(Another verb that we didn’t grow up with)

AHA! So it isn’t actually a word! It’s short for web log! I feel better now. I thought my English was slipping. OK, I guess this old dog can still learn a new trick!

All right then, having dispensed with that little digression, I guess I’ll get on with it! I know this is a sex site, but don’t expect to read about exploits here. I believe that some things are better kept as secrets! I will say that I have met some great people here, who I now consider friends. They are really the only reason I continue to access this site. I have also noticed that the blogs are where all the fun seems to be! I have read many of them lately, commented on a few and finally decided to cast out my line.

I think the one that really made me decide to write was ExploreMore4Me writing about the Red Hat Society a few weeks ago. I had heard of the society before and find them to be of great interest. Maybe we men should get together and wear red socks or something. Even better, how about if we all drive red convertibles!

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and saw a whole flock of the red-hatted birds! They were proudly wearing their red hats and purple clothes, and having more fun than any of the kids I saw. There was a Zydeco band playing and a few of the ladies were bopping back and forth. I was too, much to the embarrassment of my kids, who looked absolutely mortified. I tried to get my 13 year old daughter to dance but she just asked for money so they could go do something…anything…else besides be seen in public by complete strangers with their Dad dancing! Of course any other parents of teens out their can probably relate when I say that have the fun was making them squirm a little!

Eventually, I started dancing with one of the Red Hats! She was old enough to be my mother, and I am not exactly young. We had a great time and…WOW… this lady could really boogie!

I hope that when I get to be that age, with all the aches, pains, medication and mobility issues, I can find a way to have just half as much fun!

Be Well and Remember…It’s All In The Mind!


ExploreMore4Me 60F

10/7/2005 6:44 pm

Dear Potown!!!..... WOW! I'm SOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! GREAT First BLOG! The Red Hat Society! Ya know, I'm glad it was you my friend that was able to enjoy the discovery of these wonderful ladies! I somehow knew you would see the joy in such! I hope you danced your butt off and showed your kids that AGE means nothing and that us grown ups can still cut a rug and appreciate wonder in life! You're right! It's all in one's frame of mind! WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE! IT'S GREAT THAT YOU'RE HERE! LOOKING FORWARD TO READING MORE!

Hugs & Kisses My Friend!


rm_PoTownFunGuy 62M

10/8/2005 7:47 am

Dear EM4M, Thank you for the great comment, I am thrilled that the first one is from you, since I enjoy your blogs so much! I don't know how many people will read this little blog thing, but I do enjoy writing it! It's not just age that is all in the mind, but all of life! Thanks again, and I eagerly await your next post!

Keep Happy!!

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