The Affair  

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The Affair

The Affair Part 3

Susan was lying on her back, her breasts rising and falling as she slowly caught her breath. Joe was on his side facing her, running little circles around her belly button with his fingers as he slowed down his own breathing. They were spent and exhausted. How long had it been? They had lost track of time. Nothing else had mattered.

Joe was watching her as she responded to his soft caress. She had her eyes closed and was wearing only a smile. She seemed to gently arch her back as he moved higher. He didn’t think it would happen again though. They were both completely relaxed and satiated. It was like the world had stopped; at least until her cell phone rang.

She jumped up and looked at the clock. It was 4:25 PM. They had been here for over 3 hours. She checked the caller ID, but they both knew it would be her husband before she even picked up the phone. She wasn’t quite ready to answer so she let it go to voice mail. She would have to call back quickly, they had tickets that night for a music performance and she couldn’t be late. Maybe he was calling to cancel. He worked late a lot and it wasn’t out of the ordinary. She went and washed her face to snap herself back to reality and clear her head.

Joe watched her move and knew she was in a different place now. The transition was like lightning. Once again, she was a married woman and she knew she had to return the call. It was reality striking like a sword.
She apologized about needing to call back, but she didn’t leave the room. Joe decided that she must be as comfortable with him as he was with her to be able to make the call in front of him. She got him on the phone and it sounded like she was being grilled. The strong, vibrant exciting woman he knew was gone. She responded to her husband with a tone of submission that definitely did not become her.

She hung up and quickly got dressed. She was fixing her hair and telling him how much the afternoon had meant at the same time. This was not what Joe had in mind for how they would part, but it was the way it would be.

As she left, she explained that she would be home late and would not be on line later. She would be up early though and they agreed to chat a little before he left for his appointments. She had already fixed her makeup so with a peck on the cheek she was gone.

Joe lay back down on the bed. He was staying here for the night and didn’t need to rush anywhere. He could still smell her perfume on the pillows and the sheets were still warm where she had been. It had been an incredible experience. He couldn’t remember the last time he had had such great sex, let alone for over 3 hours. With her scent still in his nostrils and his body spent, he closed his eyes, smiled, and fell asleep.

Over the next 4 months they saw each other at least once a week and spoke on the phone or chatted online at least an hour a day. They were madly, passionately and hopelessly in love. She didn’t talk much about her husband and he didn’t talk much about his wife, but it was clear that both relationships were merely financial and practical living arrangements. He never forgot that phone call though and wondered if it was a portal into the workings of her marriage or was it just an anomaly. Was she so submissive to him because she was guilty? Was that the real reason she was in this thing to begin with? He decided that it really didn’t matter, she was who she was with him and that is all that he cared about.

He thought about her constantly. What he would say to her when they spoke, how she would feel in his arms when they met again. He was still truly obsessed, but now he knew it was love. He wanted no one but her. She wasn’t a beauty by the popular definition, but to him she was the most gorgeous woman in the world. She seemed to feel the same way about him, middle age spread, receding hairline and all. She would send him little messages when he wasn’t on line, knowing he would see them when he logged in. He looked forward to that every time he turned his computer on. He would text message her during the day. Maybe just a smiley face or to tell her she was beautiful. He needed her. More than he had ever need anyone. More than he could tell her.

One day, while chatting, he jokingly said they should run away together. She replied, with “LOL, ok when??”
That got it started. After that they started talking about it more. As the discussions grew, it became a more realistic possibility. But how would they do it?

To be continued……

ExploreMore4Me 60F

11/4/2005 4:06 pm

Well...the plot thickens! You should write more often my friend. Nice job!

Hugs & {=}'s

rm_PoTownFunGuy 62M

11/5/2005 6:52 am

Thanks EM! It will thicken even more with the next part I think!

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