Good Sex  

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5/28/2006 11:06 am

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5/29/2006 12:20 pm

Good Sex

we all know......nevermind.....most of us know what good sex is, the more we seek good sex, the more intresting experiences come about. We are all different,good sex is something different to each and every one of us, some like it hard, some soft, some loud, some quiet, some big, some small (the fact that i actually seen womens profiles in this site that say size doesn't matter, you poor poor girls, you sould not involve denial in your sex life) Listen to me girls, if you get or got a man who is genitally challenged, tell him how to go down town and visit all the hotspots , cuz you'll need that once the vague idea of his non nourished manhood sets in.

Look, foor good sex, here's what I think, diagree if you like, but this is my opinion, size does matter, both people must be INTO IT, there has to be chemistry, lots of exploration to see what your new mate likes and doesn't like and also let them know the same, the bedroom is no place for shyness, you're naked!!!! cut it out, never never never be afraid to tell the other person what you want, we are all different and have different tastes. Miscommunication in the bedroom is the #1 reason for bad sex, but I said enough for now, what do you think????

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