I love my job but not the work (Mild drama, much bitching)  

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1/26/2006 5:48 pm

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I love my job but not the work (Mild drama, much bitching)

Actually I enjoy my job and the work and all that goes with it... even the pay is fair. It could be higher but in this age of outsourcing I am glad for what I have!

This week my boss "asked" me to work overtime because someone else was sick. He has done it every day this week!!! ("I need you in Snohomish county from 6PM to 10PM." "And if I have plans?" "You knew you could get OT this week." "COULD, but not WOULD! The last three times you had other people." "This time it's all you.")

I would not normally mind so much but I had PLANS!!

I had COOL PLANS. I had HOT PLANS. I had DINNER PLANS. I had PLANS within PLANS! I had NOOKIE PLANS!! I had PLANS with a very open COUPLE! I had PLANS with a beautiful CD!!

Today, he only gave me a couple of hours' notice! I asked him, too. He said it was not likely. ....and then BAM!! OT.


And I wanted to get SOME! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! My coworkers would freak if they knew how frustrated I am RIGHT NOW!!


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