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7/8/2006 3:12 pm
An expansion

Well if you have been somewhat faithful to my blogs then you'd know I started out discribing the sexual events in my life on a per week basis, but I have, unfourtunatly not the time for such a grand endevour. Most of this is due to the fact that I'm on Jury Duty right now, as well as still work (albeit PT) which means I work 12 hours a day, and I'm on my 6th week of this nonsense. But I do have a minor fan following, so I had better at least provide SOMETHING right? "~ Oh, and if you are reading this because you were interested in me, please don't let this disparrage you, it sounds like I'm slutty, but I assure you that I am mearly perfecting my art, and if the right woman came around, all others would be forgotten. I am single right now, and I have a reputation of a lover, but there's always room for improvement, I am sure you can understand "~.
Right now I only have 3 sexual partners, but it looks like I might be able to expand on that soon. I have one regular girl who's into rough sex ... I have to say this throws me for a loop cause being 6'5" and not wanting to hear everyone around you cry all the time, I've dedicated my life to being as gentle as possible LOL.
This one particular girl and I used to make our love outside, which I thouroghly enjoyed, but latily, because of the trial, I've just been hanging out at her place. It's with her that I perfected my 3 finger kung-fu trick which I hope to post in the magazine here soon. She is very multi orgasmic, and I haven't been able to break her yet (by that I mean with every woman I've been with, I've given them so many orgasms that they cannot take anymore and beg me to stop, usually requiring extra force), well, I have gotten her to beg me to stop, but not in the way I actually would ... don't worry, she enjoyed the outcome. As I say I'm not here to simply please you, I'm here to see how much pleasure your body can take!
Well I guess I should get on with the bones of this as I am sure you are all losing your patience LOL "~ This part I plan to be more informative and instructive, feel free to use or try anything I have, you never know, it might just be really good "~.

It started off that I got off of my jury duty early one day, so I called her up and we decided to have a little fun, I ran across the street to pick up a double allonge americano for me and a chai tea for her. I'll oft drink coffee before sex to help sharpen me up (I am also a bit of a connousure). I got to her place under the blazing sun on a very hot day. She was just doing a bit of quite tidying up around the house before she was gonna escape for the weekend. I put on some White Stripes for her to listen to, and we smoked a bowl ... I purposefully delayed and stalled just to get her going a little wilder, and soon enough she grabbed me and we started our passionate kiss, and I have to say being as orally fixated as I am, if you can kiss me, you can have me! We were both impatient as we both had other things to do that day, so I furriously started kissing her neck and ears, biting gently and raising the horomones so to speak. I grabbed her by the waist and threw her to her bed, using my big powerful hands to grasp at both her flesh and her shorts tearing them away slow and with dominance. She was moving into a more accessable position but I wasn't going to wait, so I grabbed her inner thighs pressing into them and forcing her legs apart very quickly, she moved like I hurt her so I paused to notice she lifted her upper body off the bed in a hurry, had her eyes closed and was writheing in pleasure. I looked down to see the wet mark she had already made on her panties, I slid down, smelled it for ammunition and rose back up over her. I took one hand and pressed her shoulder to the bed so she couldn't move, I places one hand on her breast like a preditor check and testing for weaknesses. I smoothed my hand over the curvature of her wonderful breast, touching lighter and lighter until she coulg bearly feel me at all, I looked at her with peace and serinity on my face. As she was absorbing this calm relaxed moment I quickly pinched her nipple and released, watching her reaction happen after the act and seeing her flush with pleasure again. Gentle pain you let stick around but hard pain you keep for only a split second. I saw her squirming, and I knew she was thinking of my mouth, so to tease her I kissed various points on her skin. Her neck, shoulders, stomach, inner thighs, down her legs. I know her too well at this point and if I don't get those panties off of her soon, she's going to have an unstimulated orgasm. I tore the panties away as she took her shirt and bra off in anticipation. But nothing comes, I tore her paties away knowing she'd expect me to dive right in, but I don't and she's reset her orgasm waiting for me. Now she's really frustrated and craving me in every way she can imagine as two of my fingers slide up and down her lips, slowly massaging her labia open, demanding my mouth. I go down, I let her hands roam in my hair as it's long enough to tease her inner thighs as well. I lick up and down the edges of her lips, teasing her in ways that will always make her remember me. She gets a little rough with her hands trying to force my mouth on her, but I don't feel like listening, it just means that she's getting very responsive to the tease. Out of no where, while she accepts me doing my thing by realeasing my head, I dive in and start to lick her clit feverishly blitzkrieg style, not allowing one second of a break from the sensory overload and as she peaks at orgasm I force my long tongue inside her, my upper lip still rubbing her clit. I curl my tongue upward and try licking inside her, it's a hard trick to master, but it's worth it. She screams and roars and cums again right after the first, clawing my shoulders to brace the pleasure. I then forces my right middle finger inside her and went back to lavishing her clit. She likes it hard and fast so I used all my strength to pound and curl my fingers inside her, it was then that I noticed when you push your finger all the way in, you can curl it upwards at 90 digrees as her roof will give way and lift up to give a lot more vaginal space, and if you curl back further, you can be fairly hard and forceful, and she will respond. She screamed as much as she wanted to be silent, squirming up and down the bed, almost as if she can't take anymore and I'm stuck to her like crazy glue. She came again and bit her forarm hard enough to leave a bruise, I paused and asked her how that was, she couldn't formulate a conscieous reply, so I inserted a second finger and did the same thing, pressing hard into her pelvic bone, this time alternating fingers, I then went back on the clit, sucking it into my mouth and playing with it with my tongue and moaning hard, letting the vibrations enter her centrial nervous system. She was pushing my head away, I think she needed a break, but I wasn't ready to take one so with my left hand I forced her shoulders down again, played with her breasts then I got the idea. The two fingers inside her had nearly brought her to orgasm again and I wanted to force her to cum, so with my left hand I took my middle finger and inserted it inside her for the three finger approach ... now here's the 3 finger kung-fu approach ... first it can ONLY be used NEAR an orgasm as the technique requires the cervix to be stimulated, and while good, the cervix only FEELS good CLOSE to orgasm, if not it will hurt and she will kick you in the face LOL. My right hand pulling up while wrapping around inside her, my left hand is sideways, middle finger sliding in and you'll find something that feels like a "button" a ring of muscle with a hole in it, straight back and deep as you can go. I left my finger on the rim of that and only lightly moved it about, mostly I let her gyrations stimulate. With the middle inside her my left ring finger teased the rim of her ass and penitrated lightly. She came three times back to back and we both needed the rest. Our story isn't over yet, we made love and we attempted to break my second vaginal orgasm, but to no avail, it was too damn hot to go all the way. I used this technique on another one of my girls and I can say that it wasn't a fluke, try it, you may like it "~
Gotta jet for now, maybe more later. Love ya all and write comments as I always try to write back "~

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