So, I tell him to fuck off....  

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3/20/2006 7:42 am

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4/19/2006 2:18 pm

So, I tell him to fuck off....

So, I tell him to fuck off. He's drunk, ranting, and I'm pissed. Arguments while drinking;I love them. I never know when to shut up so of course he says something and I tell him to fuck off. That's when the fun begins. He slaps me a couple times; good, hard slaps in the face. I am instantly wet and ready for more. I give him a few cracks across the head with a glass candle holder. I thought maybe by then it was time for a real good fuck session. No, he wasn't playing this time. He was infuriated. But hard nevertheless. Somehow, I honestly don't remember, we ended up in the bathroom. He was swinging me around by the head so hard that literally handfuls of hair were coming out of my head. Eventually he got my pants down and started dry fucking my ass. I cryed, begged for him to stop but I couldn't keep from rubbing my clit. I came so hard I thought I was having a seisure. Afterwards, we put a movie on like nothing had ever happened. Even though Carter and I are not together anymore, he will forever be in my memories. You can't get laid like that from just anywhere unless you wanna pay for it.

rm_vagabond93_ 47M

4/11/2006 5:34 am

i know u said u cant email cuz you're standard. probably cant look at profiles much either. the first thing my profile says is that im brutally honest.

when this was happening to you, i don't doubt that u got off like a rocket when u were in that bathroom. its the same thing that makes little girls become freaks when they grow up: ABUSE. ya'll sat down and watched a movie. but i bet there was no snuggling. no affection. no conversation. i bet a month later u realized that he didnt deserve a good fucking, but his dick chopped off. didnt lorainne bobbett get away with it? what court in the land would send u away for decocking a motha fucker like that? all it would do would be assure he didnt spawn any seed. not to mention humble the sonofabitch.

i said something about little girls being abused. it happens to boys too. it happened to me at 7. took me till 18 to realize why i was so fucked up. i went to kill him. found his old house and it was run down and empty. i asked around till i found out where he was. he was in the grave. my point? men that do shit like that get theres b4 its all said and done.

i barely know anything about you. all i know is that u have said some very kind things about me. and took up for me BEFORE anyone had a chance to dog me for liking Prince. i already know u have a heart of gold. and if i was ever to say u were an angel, or even a sweetheart, you'd say i was full of shit. you think you're a whore. you feel cheap. one day a man will come into your life and tear down any wall you've put around you. it'll take him forever, but he'll see the same thing i do. he'll know it's worth it, and will go the extra mile to have you. but he'll never have you to himself.

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4/11/2006 6:19 pm

It's 9:09pm, 4-12-06. I need to think for a little while before I can respond to your comment Vagabond. No, you are not wrong about anything you said but I guess I need to think about what it is I want to say about it. In a way I want to talk about it. No one has ever been so blunt with me.
Until tomorrow I want to say thank you.

rm_vagabond93_ 47M

4/11/2006 9:06 pm

Piper, yahoo IM vaga1993. any time. i'm sorry if i stirred up things u werent ready for. the thing that censors my words was fried in the early 90s

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4/13/2006 5:17 pm

Hey, don't be sorry. I actually kinda want to talk about things with you. Not only about me but about you too. I'm very interested.

Abused? Yeah. My step father physically and emotionally abused me for as long as I can remember(even after I moved out of my parents home)up until he died in 2005. I grew up thinking that that was just the way things were between men and women because he did the same thing to my mother. Did he love me? Yeah in his own way. I acceptd my shitty childhood a long time ago and I don't feel that I was any worse off than anyone else who has been abused. I definetly don't want any pity from anyone either, from anyone that may be reading this.
You were right about there being no snuggling, affection or anything of the like. Our relationship wasn't like that and at the time it was ok with me most of the time. It was hard sometimes, I will admit, but I would never let him know that because I had too much pride. Didn't want him to think I was a weak bitch.
That went for just about all my relationships. He was no different then all the rest. He was just more brutal. He didn't take any shit from me and I didn't expect him to. I didn't WANT him to.
I'm not really sure what else to say. I mean I could type my whole life for you on this screen but I don't really think that's nessessary right now;for either of us.

I will see you Vagabond.
Light & Love

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