Our Desires  

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3/24/2006 6:39 am
Our Desires

There is a wind that seeks the crevice under my heart
the way insects file at night beneath a doorway

Its edges are rough, it slits the cords. It trips my steady breathing. When it comes there is no one I can trust.

It seems, at times, I have designed too well this vision of you. I cannot survive your eyes when they are scarred with a need for some lesser form of love.

I admit to this conceit. And though you will not accept it, you love it nonetheless

It is just like you. Our desires will always be kept sharp by a kind of perversity. A need to be each forever alone...

-Jim Carroll
The love of my life...just because

Love and Light, fucking and sucking, bored and lonley; its's all the same to you

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