Using AFF for non-AFF reasons?  

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7/10/2006 10:57 pm

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Using AFF for non-AFF reasons?

You know, I have to admit, I've spent more time on AdultFriendFinder lately then I should. But it's mostly either blogging or sending mail. And I'd love to say it's "hookup mail" but I find myself sending mail at people's profiles that basically says: "hey, I'm not at all persuing you, so don't think that, but I have to ask.."

And, it's not really a hook. A few people I emailed were people I would have literally no interest in. But, something in their profile either struck me as funny OR interesting enough that I had to say something.

I think it started months ago. I grew up in SE Kansas, which is nowhere farm country. So, whenever I see anyone from that small area of the state on here, while they are far too far from me, I always send them a note and say something like "good for you, takes guts in a pop. 800 town to be open!" and so on.

But lately, it's been mostly praising people for their career goals, or having found a few people that are reading the same books as I am, I've asked questions about what they thought of the book, and if they understood something differently then I did.

So, basically a warning to women anywhere who have read or list that they are reading "The Traveler" "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" "Wicked" (a retelling of the Wizard of Oz from the Evil Witch perspective - so far VERY good), or "Devil Wears Prada".

If you're reading any of those, hell, I might send email. It's odd. But compared to say, most other places, at least here I can see what people read and converse with them (potentially) about whether or not they give a crap about it, or, as in one case, if they understood something different from me.

Outside of that and rooting on young kids who list that they are going to try for a difficult career. We need more women in hard sciences, people. When my sister went through college and enrolled as a physics major, she was the ONLY woman with a physics major in a university of 26,000 people. Only ONE woman in the whole school decided to even try a physics major. And there weren't that many female math majors anywhere either.

So, I guess basically I'm saying: If you are a woman who lists hard sciences or a book I'm reading in your profile, I may email just to ask how it's going. Nothing like finding people for numerous reasons who think alike.

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