Midwestern pseudo-morality  

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5/29/2006 1:13 pm
Midwestern pseudo-morality

As an aside: I was in the same university, the same damn classroom as one of Fred Phelps lunatic children. And, if you don't know who that is, this rant will not make a ton of sense.

(Outside of the fact God hates FIGS not F*( as Fred points out; how many Fig trees burned in the Bible? A TON!)

There is something fairly amusing about the midwestern tele-evangelical beat that continues to drone into their mind that they will remain unhappy until they "get right with their god" which apparently involved doling someone driving a Benz more money to support his "causes".

I recently had a conversation with someone in which I revealed that I am basically Bhudist. I don't go to temple, and not a practitioner, but I consider myself pretty close to that philosophy. Good things come back to you, and in the end, as a matter of science, when we die our bodies break down and become food for everything else. (OK, I know, sick thought for this site)

But I am absolutely baffled by how all consuming people are behind faiths that manage to convince them that everything about themselves is evil. That they should purge and feel sinful for emotional feelings, needs, for wants and desires.

In the end, I cannot define the logic. If you believe in an All Powerful being that created you, and he is the sole creator in the world, did not he at some point create those feelings? I've tried to make this argument to a few people, and I am baffled and just how brainwashed people are as to self denial.

I was thinking about this while I spoke to a woman waiting for medicing today. She was talking to someone on the phone and crying because she caught her 15 year old son masturbating. So she hit him in the hands with something and "that will teach him".

Lady, what's the big deal? Is there something so terrible and evil about ourselves that we have to live in constant hatred of our own bodies?

So she caught him in his room masterbating. Was there any reason to make the kid feel bad both emotionally and physically? I'm sure it was awkward, did you really help the situation bashing his hands?

I haven't seen the film for a while, but I'm reminded of the story of "The Road to Wellsville" about how the founder of cornflakes believed abstainance and not masterbating, etc. would make you live longer. Didn't work out so hot for him.

Now we know just the reverse is true, and by and large we have the science to support it.

I turned to her and let her know: "You know, May is National Masterbation month" and left with my prescription (Immitrix, damn migraines). I heard her sputter a bit as I walked off.

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