Loss of a champion for Homeless Veterans in our area  

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7/31/2006 7:52 am
Loss of a champion for Homeless Veterans in our area

I know, I know, not the normal AdultFriendFinder blog post. But sometimes, we lose good people in the world and it deserves to be noted to all of those who you think would notice. And since some of my friends only get this blog, I figured it worthwhile to post.

BenildeHall (dot org) has been a champion for the help and rehabilitation of homeless veterans in the Kansas City area for years. Their leader passed this weekend after a very short bout with cancer. He was diagnosed 9 days ago, and passed over the weekend. It seems as though only a short time ago, we were all going out to lunch and talking about tee times and umping baseball games.

He was a good man who gave greatly to his cause. There are a lot of people who toil at things all of their lives and feel as though they don't make a dent. He made a dent, helping to save people from a life on the street, provide them room, board, a place to stay and a shot at recovery.

Right now, services for Veterans and those suffering drug addiction are in high demand. And unfortunately, for all those on either side with bumperstickers that read everything from "support the troops" to "not in my name" to whatever, the reality is that many of the men who return from past conflicts find themselves addicted to alcohol, pain killers, or just left to become homeless. It's a sad story that deserves more people to pay a little attention.

Their website has a form that allows you to donate - it's entirely tax deductible, and it's a worthwhile cause. I rarely say to people "you should give" but this is a charity I've worked with for five years. This is not an obscure "we send money to overseas this and that" they literally have a large number of people who find shelter in their housing, who get job training, and who find a chance at a new life within their walls. If you're reading this and you're in the KC Metro, feel free to drop by anything you want to donate - they will take almost anything - but if you are out of town, and find yourself at all so inclined, drop them a couple bucks here and there. $5 sounds like lunch at McD's, but for a homeless shelter, it's putting a meal in front of someone who really needs it.

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