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9/27/2005 6:18 pm

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I am now a free man. Free from the restraints of a shattered promise. No more. No more seeking true love, only seeking the experience and pleasure of real women. You wont be dissapointed in a meeting with me. I am an "amazing man" according to those who know and love me, come find out why, and show me something I've never seen before!

honey_n_blood 32F

9/28/2005 1:04 am

It's almost kind of sad that sometimes we are forced to not love others. I am not sure if we have met or not, I do seem familiar to many people because I work in the Computer lab. So you might have seen me there. From your profile you do seem like an amazing person to get to know. Just...don't give up on the possibilities out there.
I'll be in the lab on Sat. from 4-7...come see if you do know me or not.

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