Bound to happen  

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4/25/2006 5:30 pm
Bound to happen

Hi All,
Well I guess if you post long enough someone e-mails you back and want to meet. I generally go slow Always a bit couscous that I don't end up with an ax wielding lunatic. But this one seemed to pan out. My first was a guy, since I'm bi and I'm good just for sex. It was kinda serial this first meeting, I've fantasized about hooking up with people, for a long time, then I decided just to go for it and post here. Well, it works. We decided to meet at a local park, (Big one with Miles of acreage) lots of places to wander. I got there a bit early, and waited, finally it was 15 minuted past, I was thinking, "well you at least have the courage to go through with this, but it looks like this time you don't have to worry about living up to any expectations." lol just then he pulled up beside me. Well, I thought to myself, put up or shut up! It turned out He was great really calm and understanding and took his time working his way into me. Was great I got to see what it's like to ride on top, though I found I didn't get the depth, I though, and we ended in the the dogie style. All very safe, I found if you go to a specialty shop for condoms they make, Extra strong condoms, they prolong things and they are a lot thicker! So great for first meeting.
Any way that was good, but would really like to find a gal that is interested in hooking up just for great sex. And give that a try. Well, a little from my world, peace every one.

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