Norn Iron - Supressed or Depressed  

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6/20/2006 5:15 am

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Norn Iron - Supressed or Depressed

I have a dream as the man once said. Thorough I have to admit mine is a lot less social awareness and a lot more sexual awareness.

When i woke up this morning after a few good hours of surfing the night before and wondered if women in Northern Ireland actually do partake in extra-marital activities, swinging etc. Now i dont want to make myself sound like some sort of pervert who sits in front of the computer everyday going through swinging sites but I have see a few and there is always a severe dearth of Northern Ireland women, couples. Now I have always put that down to the fact that there are probably 10,000 men in Northern Ireland who are looking to spice up there lives and about 100 women but i wonder if that is the case or is it just years of supression that stops them from showing themselves.

I have chatted to plenty women on an informal kind of basis form the states and rearly have had any difficulty meeting one will to chat but over here it is a different matter. In fact last night for the first time I watched some of the webcams and found loads of women from the states and beyond showing their all and one solitary girl from Newry doing some form of dancing which wasnt in the least bit sexual.

So perhaps if there are Norn Iron women reading any of this they can enlighten me as to why there is a lack of devil may careness over here. And perhaps let me know if they have genuinely met someone from here for one night stands, relationships (discreet or otherwise) because it would help me decide wheter to renes or not when my time comes.

Well that is enough for the minute, I have to hobble out and do a bit of shopping perhaps when i get back htere will be some sexy webcam action from Bellaghy, Buckna, or Beleek but i doubt it somehow. So come on girls if you say on here you want a bit of non complicated fun then get those pictures taken and the webcams out, thereis nothing to loose and only a whole lot of fun to gain.

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