Orgasm heaven  

rm_P_lick69 37M
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5/31/2006 2:25 pm
Orgasm heaven

When I was young, I still am, but when I was really young I was told that guys like sex more than girls because they have better orgasms. The other day(or night), a 10 minute long session of screaming and whimpering left me disillusioned. You girls have an orgasmic potential that I can only dream of.It's there on the tip of my tongue, and it takes my breath away. I only did what I always do, so part of the secret must be yours.

Sexologists are ok I guess, but out there among you there's an untapped reservoire of knowledge and experience that should be shared, with all your fellow girls out there and with me, of course, who live but to serve your pleasure.

La petite mort est un massacre. L'etendard sanglant est levé.

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