Sexual Fantasy #1  

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Sexual Fantasy #1

OK, it's time I got this out on paper. Kinda like the lettters in Penthouse forum. I figure most of those aren't real, just fantasies, but heck they sure read great.

So this one starts with a conversation betwen my wife and I on the rare occassion of our making love.

"Have you ever thought about having sex with another couple?" I ask as she is warming up to climax.

"Mmmm", she says, "yeah."

"What would you like in another couple? What would they be like?" I further inquire as my hand gently carresses her clit.

"I don't know", she responds squirming slightly, "the guy would be very fit and have a large cock, bulging in his pants."

"And what would you like to see happen with that cock?"

"First I get it as big as he can stnad it, then slip it into me. I'd be so wet he'd slide right in.He'd start pumping and I'd just let go..." Her hand moves to my cock and starts to squeeze it gently, rubbing up and down.

"Would you like me to watch?"

"Oh yes..." (she's starting to cum, now)" You and her could be right there, watching and feeling each other up."

"How about if she and I were doing the same as you?"

"Oh yes!! " (she's very close now) "I'd love to see your cock slide in and out of her, while I come with him."

"So, should I arrange it if I can?"

"Yes, yes...ohhhh" (she's climaxing, her legs press hard against my hand as her whole body goes stiff) " You do thaaaat!!!" (She explodes in a mind wrenching orgasm)

So...the scene is set. Of course she doesn't remeber saying I should set it up. But she will when I do it.

It's a couple of weeks later and I have been searching for a likely couple to make the fanatasy come true. I have several possibilities and want to get the right match.

Unknown to my wife I arrange a meeting between myself and one of the couples. After careful screening we agree on a meeting place and we meet. It turns out that the woman comes for the meet, as her husband doesn't know she's setting it up. We talk about that.

"Will your hubby go along with this?" I ask.

"I don't think that'll be a problem," she smiles. "How about your wife?"

"I'm pretty sure," I say, " onces he meets you both and we get her turned on she'll be in there..."

"So maybe we should just have coffee together or something first, to see if there is some connection?" She muses.

"Good idea," I reply, "how about this weekend?"

"Friday evening works for us," she replies.

It's set. The first meeting will be Friday at Tim Horton's for coffee.

I tell my wife I've met a nice couple who would like to meet her. I say I've arranged coffee for Friday night. Always eager to meet new and interesting people she quickly agrees.

Friday roles around and we arrive at Tim's a bit early. The others are already there. We get our coffee and join them at their table. Introductions are made. We get to talking.

After about forty minutes they invite us over to their house so we can be more comfortable. My wife thinks for a second and then agrees with a nod from me. Directions are given and we get into our cars.

"They seem nice," she says as we drive over.

"Yeah, " I say. "I like talking to them."

"You and he seem to have lots in common," she remarks.

"He's quite interesting," I reply, "what do you think of her?"

"She's easy to talk to," she says. " Not sure yet what I think of her. He seems very nice though."

"Doesn't hurt that he's pretty good looking either?"

"He has a certain look doesn't he?"

"And she's no dog either."

"Oh, I don't know...she's ok, but not gorgeous."

"I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers," I smile.

We arrive and go inside. They have a nice house in a good part of town. As we come in the host offers us drinks. My wife asks if they have any wine. He says you bet and goes to get her a glass. We sit in their living room and talk.

After about an hour of talk and lots of wine I can tell my wife is starting to feel pretty good. She goes into the kitchen with the hostess while the men look for some sports on the TV.

The woman, who we shall call Jen, is going to broach the subject.

"Marie?" (my wife's name) " Where do you stand on swinging?"

"Swinging?" Marie responds somewhat confused.

"Yah, you know. Having sex with other couples?"

"Oh!" Marie responds, " I don't know?"

" I was just wondering because I find Peter very attractive." Jen responds.

"You do!" MArie is surprised and not sure how to handle this topic.

"Yes, "Jen replies, " and I know that Ken(her husband) finds you very attractive as well."

"He does?" Marie is still pretty dumbfounded.

"I bet if we suggested it, our guys would readily agree!" Jen smiles knowingly.

" Well, I know Peter would", Marie sighs, " he's always talking about that.

"The question is," Jen muses " are you interested?"

"In Ken?" Marie is startled. " He's gorgeous!"

"And you haven't seen his 12 inch cock yet!" Jen laughs.

" Really?" Marie blurts out.

"Oh yes, he's got a monster!"

"It doesn't bother you to share him?"

"I wouldn't share with just anyone! But I like you and I really want to get into Peter's pants. What say we go back in there and see if they're game?"

"I don't know..."

"Come on, it'll be fun. We'll make sure they wear condoms. It'll be fun!"

"Well, ok."

"Great, here's another glass of wine. Let me do the talking."

They return. Jen walks up to the TV and turns it off. Ken scowls at her but doesn't say anything.

"So Marie and I have been talking," she begins."Seems we both are feeling a bit frisky and wonder what you guys would say to some good old fashioned sex?"

Ken smiles, "Don't have to ask me twice!"

"Nor me," I rspond.

"Great!" Jen laughs." Together or separate?"

Marie looks puzzled. Jen smiles and explains, "in one room or two?

"Let's be in one room," I say, "so we can watch each other."

"Perfect!" Jen smiles and comes to sit beside me on the couch.

Ken gets up and takes Marie's hand and guides her to the other couch.

We all start kissing. Marie is not big on kissing usually, but she's very into it tonite. She and Ken start tonguing almost immediately. His hands move slowly to her breasts and she lets out a small gasp, then relaxes and she sees Jen and I doing the same.

I've already got Jen's blouse open as my lips seek out her breast. She'searing a very tight fitting bra, holding up her "D" size nicely. As her blouse comes off I peek at Marie who has laid her hands on Kens' crotch. She seems truly amazed at what she's feeling there. She slips open the zipper and frees his member. It's huge already and not even full size yet! His hands carefully remove her blouse and bra in one motion dislaying her extraordinary breasts. He puts his mouth on one while craddling the other.

Not to be out done I have Jens' "D" size in my own mouth, sucking gently while she moans. My free hand slides to her crotch where it slips beneath her skirt and finds a very wet stretch of fabric. carefully I stroke her clit through her panties. After two or three strokes she gets up and slips her panties and her skirt off, revealing her body to me fully. She's a real knockout and I feel a bit guilty because I'm no where near as fit as she is. But guilt can wait, my hand slips into her vagina and begins its famous massage.

Ken takes the hint and unbuttons Marie's pants, sliding then off adeptly while her locks her lips in a strong kiss. I look over to see her crotch is absolutely soaked and see her squirming as his hand brushes her clit through the wet panties. In one motion he picks her up and lays her down on the floor in front of the couch. The plush carpet softly caresses her back as he removes her panties and places his tongue on her clit. She arches her back as he alternates between her ample breasts and her juicy clit.

Jen meanwhile has removed my pants and shirt while sucking my cock. While I'm amidget compared to Ken, she skillfully sucks the shaft and tip giving me absolute fits of passion. Before I cum I pull her head away and kiss her deeply, gently pushing her down on the couch.

I remove her panties and go down on her love triangle. It's the perfect thing to do, as she arches her back and comes for the first time. I continue to lick and suck as she rocks in the throws of orgasm.She is truly amazing and I can't wait to get my throbbing cock deep inside her. After several minutes of orgasm, she pulls my face away and guides my cock into the love canal. I look up and see Marie has managed to slide on top of Ken, impailing herself on his huge cock. She's rocking back and forth and is cumming like she hasn't come in years.

Suddenly Ken lets out a great groan and explodes inside of her. She is litterally lifted off the floor by the pressure but she maintains contact throughout.

I'm cumming too. I can't believe how hot and warm my cock feels in Jen. I explode like I haven't for many years and contuinue to cum long after my wad is spent.

Finally we all collapse and lie in each others arms.

It has been the best sex in a long while for all of us. We will have to do this again!!!

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