Fantasy # 3  

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8/22/2006 11:38 am

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Fantasy # 3

So here's how I see a successful rendevous with an AdultFriendFinder person.

After much emailing and arrangements, I pick her up at her house in the early afternoon. We make a short drive to a nearby city for a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant.

Her name is TH and she is very beautiful. A full figure girl who knows how to use it. She is medium in height, with medium length blonde hair and a bust size to die for. She is wearing a slinky black dress with a slit up the side that almost reaches her bright red panties. The neckilne is cut low enough that the edged of her matching bra canbe seen peeking out. Trutly a vision of lustiness.

We arrive at the restaurant and have a drink.She warns me that her tolerence for alcohol is very low and that often one drink will do her in. I smile and say she's safe with me.

We order and consume our dinners quickly, knowing what awaits us is much better than any filet the restaurant serves. We pass on desert and hurry back to the car. All through dinner we've been leering at each other and conducting small talk that has a very sexy edge to it. We're both so hot by the time we get to the car it's allwe can do to keep our hands to ourselves. But we manage not to crash the car on the way to the hotel.

Once we have successfully guided the car to its parking spot things get interesting. The engine hasn't even stopped turning when she reaches across the front seat and places he hand on my crotch.

"Oh," she cooes ," I se something is getting bigger!!"
"MMMmmm," I moan gently pulling her handaway. "Lt's get inside before I explode"

"exactly what I had in mind!" She smiles.

We fumble with the door key and get into the hallway. She can barely keep her hands off me, visibly fighting the urge to tear my clothes off right there in the hallway. It's all I can do to not do the same to her. She is close to me now, intoxicating my every nerve. I manage somehow to put the key in the door and open the door without falling down.

We're in the hotel room. It is large and ha a hot tub in on corner and a bed in the other. Both are inviting, but there's now way we're going to get close to either once the door closes.

I take her in my arms and plant a long sensual kiss on her lips. She melts into me as our tongues touch for the first time. We hold the kiss for what seems to be an eternity my hands slowly carressing her back and ass. She has her arms around my neck pulling me as close as I can get. She drives her pubis into my groin and the feeling is immeasurably pleasurable.

The kiss continues as my hands slide up her dress revealing her perfect ass and those beautiful red panties. I can see her out of thecorner of my eye in the full length mirror. My god she's beautiful! She slides onehand down my backgripping my ass lightly adn sending shivers up my spine. my hand slides into the back of her panties and rubs gently her left cheek. The sensations are amazing. My rod is fully erect pushing hard against the zipper of my pants.

The kiss ends witha soft parting of the lips and a heavy sigh from boith of us. We disengage and look at each other.

"May I undress you?" I ask with a choked throat.

"Please do!" she sighs.

I step closer and undue her zipper on her dress back slowly pulling her dress from her body. I lay it carefully on a nearby chair. She stands before me in the red lingere and high heels. I almost comein my pants just looking at her. I place my hands carefully on each breast feeling their heat right through the material of her bra. It is amazing. My hand slips around behind and undues the clasp. The bra comes off in my hands revealing her DD's. They are fabulous! My mouth is immediately drawn to them as I suck the nipples, first right then left. I'm in heaven.

Mext I step backtake a good look at her nad slowly slide down her panties. She steps out of them and I notice she has a completely shaved pubic area. What a tremendous turn on!! I place one handlightly over her clit and am surprised by the wetness there. She obviously is enjoying this as much as I am.

She pushes my hand away gently an says " My turn".

She removes my jacket and unbuttons my shirt. Slowly she removes it running her hands across my chest whileshe does so. She kneels down in frontof me andundues my belt and opening my pants.My cock starings to be relieved pushing hard against my underwear. She lowers my pants and I step out of them. Her hands rub my crotch through my underwear. I moan loudly. She smiles and says " Oh...not so easy when you're on the receiving end?" In a quick motionshe slips my underwear down freeing my cock. Before my shorts hit the floor her mouth has engaged my member and is swallowing.I almost explode right there. She sucks for a few minutes while I waver, then when I'm about to explode she stops and stands up takingmy hand andleads me to the bed.

We lie down exploring each others bodies with hands and tongues. Quickly we slide into a 69 and we both know its seconds before we come for the first time. Several licks on my part and a couple of sucks on hers and we're exploding all over the place. We finisheach other's orgasm and lie wrapped in each others arms.

"That was fantastic," I say gasping for air.

"And we've only just got here," she smiles.

After a few minutes of blissful relaxation she's dragging me towards the hot tub. We enter and cuddle amongst the jets. It is very satisfying and relaxing. Amazingly my cock starts to get hard again after only a few minutes. She notices and helps it by direct massage.Once it's fully erect we leave the hot tub and dry off.

I lead her back to the bed and lay her down spreading her legs for easy access. My tongue finds its way to her clit an begins to do its thing. In no time she is arching her back and grasping the sheets. "Oh god," she moans, " I'm coming..." I continue and she explodes, her first pussy eating experience. She continues to contort in ecstasy for several minutes as I continue to suck her clit. Finally I stop and she relaxes.

I lay down beside her and she immediately grips my penis.She just holds it as she is too exhausted to do anything else. I reach for a condom and put it on. I slide overher and intoher in one motion. She is so wet she is very easy to enter. While she continues to moan I slide in and out of her as we both build toward yet another climax. After what seems an eternity we both come , exploding in a vast wave of pleasure. It seemslike it will not end and so I keep moving. Finally I can't move any more and we collapse in a heap of satisfied flesh.

We stay that way for about half an hour before we start again. It continues all night every forty minutesor so. By morning neither of us can move but we are very satiated. Next time we'll remember to use the toys....

CB_2 52F

8/22/2006 1:35 pm

Sounds fun! Like the sound of a hotel room with a bed in one corner and a hot tub in the other. Not a Travelodge, then, I guess?

Blogito ergo sum.

rm_bigbustbabe 54F
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8/22/2006 3:58 pm

how about sex in the hot tub......that would be great too i bet.......

rm_PJH16 replies on 8/23/2006 6:57 am:
Gotta save something for next time! But good idea anyway...

rm_skin_tight42 26F
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10/9/2006 11:45 pm

Just one word: yumm.

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