Fantasy # 2  

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8/19/2006 8:02 pm
Fantasy # 2

I have often fantasized about taking puctures of women and where it might lead. So here goes...

I start out by setting up a booth at the local college. "Female Models Wanted", the sign says.

A few coeds stop by and ask what it's all about. I tell them I'm making a book of beautiful women who attend local colleges. If they model for me, I'll pay them $50 an hour plus royalties from the book sales.

I get the manes of a few interested ones. I tell them I'll call them when I get set up.

One particular blobde is my first choice. She's 5 foot 8, with long blonde hair. She's about 20 years old and has a least a D cup. Her measurements look to be 38-24-36. Her hair is a cherry blonde that stretches halfway down her back. She is quite stunning actually and seems to be very eager.

I call her after the day is over and arrange to have her come to the photography lab the next day at 5:00 PM. I tell her to bring several changes of clothes including a bathing suit , nice dress and shorts. She agrees and the date is set. Then she asks me something I hadn't expected...

"So, its $50 an hour, right?"

"Yes that's right. I figure about two hours unless you'd like to do more."

"What exactly do you mean 'more'?"

"Well I say, if you're interested I pay $100 an hour for lingere shots and $200 an hour for partial or complete nude shots."

"Oh!" She sounds pensive over the phone. "What if I don't wnat to take my clothes off?"

"No problem, " I state. " Can't use those in my book anyway, they'd be for my private collection."

"Oh!" She sounds confused. "But you'll pay me the higher rate if I do?"

"Yes, I will" I assure her.

"In cash?"

"Right after the shoot", I smile.

She says she'll think about the other, but she'll be there at 5.

The next day I set up the shoot in the photography department studio. We'll be alone as the place closes down at 5, so no fear of interruption.

Five o'clock roles around and the blonde is promptly on time. She brought sveeral changes of clothes with her including a bikini!!

We start with what she has on, after about fifteen minutes and several roles of film she asks the question...

"Were you serious about the extra money?" she says while I'm loading the camera.

"You bet, " I say, " but first lets do some dress shots. You can change in the room next door."

She goes to change and I can hardly wait. She comes back with a short little cocktail dress on. Her long legs are covered in nude coloured pantyhose and she's wearing spike high heels. I almost come just looking at her. Ever the professional I concentrate on taking pictures. She's very easy to work with and does exactly what she's told. After another 15 minutes she asks again.

"About the lingere shots?" She inquires. " Could we do those next?"

"Sure", I say, " what did you bring along?"

"I have three sets," she says, " one white, one black, one red."

"OK," I say trying to sound cool, " Let's start with the red ones."

"I already have them on," she smiles, slipping her hand behind her neck to undue the dress zipper." I'll just take this off", she removes her dress revealing a beautiful red lingere set. The bra is low cut and pushes her already ample breasts higher creating great cleavage! Her painties are thong style with sparkles on them, barely covering her obviously shaved pussy.
She looks amazing.

"Will this do?" she smiles at me.

"I think so," I stammer.

I take a couple of pictures giving her directions which she follows to the letter. I can't take much more of this without bursting so I broach the subject.

"Say, would you be interested in making a quite a bit more money tonite?" I ask nonchalantly.

"Sure," she says eagerley, "what do you want me to do?"

"Come back to my hotel room and let me film us having sex." I say matter-of-factly.

"Oh!" she seems quite surprised, " what would you pay me for that?"

" How about a $1000?"

"Really?" She seems blown away by the offer.

"Yes mam." I nod, " You and I on film, $1000 in cash."

Suddenly she seems to have realized she's almost naked now. She picks up her dress and covers her chest. But she doesn't leave...she just stares at me for a moment.

"Listen," I say, " You're beautiful, I can hardly concentrate on what I'm doing here. If you're at all interested I'm good for the money."
I take out my wallet and show her the $100 bills.

"I don't know..." she looks confused.

"It'll be fun, "I say trying to look and sound cool.

"Safe sex?" she asks.

"Absolutely!! Nothing you don't want to do, you're in charge."

She slips her dress back on and looks me over. "Ok." she sighs.

We leave the studio immediately and walk to my car. A short drive brings us to my hotel. We enter by the side door and go directly to my room. There awaits a video camera and a king sized bed, with wine chilling in the cooler.

I pour her a glass and she downs it in one gulp. I check the camera and line it up for total bed coverage.

"Will you have enough film?" She asks.

" Two hours worth," I say,"should be just about enough.

She seems ready to pass out as the wine starts taking its course. But she manages to keep standing.

I position her on the side of the bed, check the film angle and sit down beside her.

"What should I do?" she asks nervously.

"Just follow my lead, " I say.

I take her hand and place it on my crotch while my other hand fondles her breast through her dress. We kiss... a slow long wet tongue touching kiss. She moans at the end of this as my hand slowly works its way down to her crotch. I slide my hand under her dress and find the way to her vagina. Her thong panties are soaked and offer little resistance to my peentrating fingers. Soon I have found her clit and am brushing it gently.

She moans again and squeezes my crotch. My penis is trying hard to escape my briefs, but fo r now remains trapped. She senses the entrappment and undues my zipper sliding her hand into my pants. Soon she has her fingers wrapped around my member. It's throbbing and she comments on the thickness.

I have removed her dress by now and am staring at two beautiful breasts restricted by the push up bra. As pretty as it is, it has to come off. I find the clasp and swiftly release the burden revealing a perfect pair of D's. My mouth instinctively covers the nipple closest to me and I gently suck it out. Again she moans and asks me to take off my pants. Without letting go of her breast I rise and slip my pants down with my briefs along for the ride.

Her eyes truly gloss over when she sees my ten inch member at full alert. She quickly pushes my moth off her breast and puts her own mouth on my manhood. This is an experienced girl. She has given head before. Her mouth is very talented!!

After about ten minutes of her work I'm ready to come. But hey the night is young. I lift her mouth away rom my cock and plant a long sweet kiss on those talented lips. I push her back on the bed and she lies on her back spreading her legs. I reply by removing her thong and lowering my mouth to her clit. She almost explodes when my tongue touches her already erect clit. It stands out from her vagina like a small cock and responds to the licking by getting bigger!!

I can tell she is in heaven by the moans and vibrations in her body. I continue licking...

"Stop", she says, I'm going to come!"

"That's the idea, " I say and continue my mouth work.

"Really!!" she says, " I'm right there!!!"

" Go ahead," I slurp, " I want you to come!"

And come she does. Her body starts rocking and then with a shudder she explodes in my face. Juices are flying everywhere but I keep contact somehow. She screams at the climax and continues to quiver for several more licks.

When I'm sure she's done I move over her with my body. I slip on a condom and insert my throbbing member into her soaking wet vagina.

"Oh god, " she moans, "it feelas so good!!"

I move slowly at first building the rythym as the intensity builds. Soon she's vibrating again with her back arched and her head back. Just as I'm about to shoot my load, she grabs by shoulders with her hands and moans that she's right there again.

Two more pumps and she's coming as am I. We continue for what seems like an eternity as I fill the condom with jism. As I collapse she grabs me with both arms and squeezes me hard.

"I've never come like that before," she gasps. "I must have come four or five times in a row there!!"

"Mmm", I moan, "that's great. I had a fabulous orgasm too."

"Wow," she sighs," I wouldn't have believed it could be that good!!"

"and you knwo what's really great?" I ask.

"What's that?" she says.

"We can watch it again on video!"

"oh, yeah! I forgot all about that!!"

We disengage slowly. I go to the washroom to remove the condom, coming back to see her lying under the covers looking very satisfied.

"Can we watch it now?" she asks.

"You bet" I say, going over to the machine and hitting rewind.

After watching it over we do it again. It's great!!

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