Blog # 2 Does Anyone ever read these?  

rm_PJH16 65M
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7/25/2006 9:11 am
Blog # 2 Does Anyone ever read these?

I've been reading a few blogs and I wonder if anyone ever really does read them? And if they do what does that mean? This is a cool way to get your mind out on paper but to what end?

So I've tried the contact thing. Too early to tell if it works but here's hoping. If I don't get any responses I will be very depressed. But for now I'm optomistic. I mean there must be someone out there who's a female and horny like me.

All my life I've thought I must be different. Other guys I talk to say they have periods of time where all they can think about is sex, but not ALL the Time!! Well I'm either blessed or cursed, but sex is never more than 10 seconds away from my mind.

I'm sitting here in the office and out my window I can see the girls at the front. There are three of them, between the ages of 21 and 35 and they're all well worth looking at. The 35 year old is the nicest personality but not as easy to look at as the other two. The 21 year old is a fox. She has this very sexy way about her. She's quite shy though which adds to her allure. I'd love to walk her home and then fuck her brains out after work. She'd be great I'm sure. Lots of softness and a great ass. However that wouldbe bad for business, so I remain a distant admirer. The 28 year old has a great rack. She's got a very edgy personality and can be bitchy at times. When she's not she's a dream. She has smooth creamy skin and short blonde hair. A smile that would drive you crazy if you let it. I can imagine going down on her and her screaming in ecstasy. She'd return the favor I'm sure but then there's that business acumen again.
Two of the three are married of course, the young one lives with the 28 year old's brother in law, so that complicates things again. I can understand if because you're married you're not interested. I mean why not. If I wa totally satisfied at home I'd not be looking for more either. But when marriage becomes the only impediment then that's not good.

I would really like to meet a girl who thinks like me. Imagine a girl who can be satisfied with her husband, but just wants a little more. It doesn't mean she doesn't love him anymore - she just needs more. I could understand that. that's me! The odd fling or affair doesn't detract from the relationship, if anything it solidifies it in the stableness of it all. Plus in my wife's case she doesn't have to disappoint me or do it just to shut me up. Though I must admit that when she does relent and go ahead with the love making usually she's the one who benefits the most.

Lately however it has been hard to get her to climax. She enjoys the attention and the feeling but that's it. No spark, no magic. Her doctor says its just a period she's going through and not to worry. She tried taking some enhancing meds but they just made her sick. So we're stuck waiting for this to pass. Hopefully it will pass before we're so old it doesn't matter anymore. In the meantime I have to be satisfied with porno movies and jacking off. Unless of course this online thing brings some releif.

I asked her again last night if she was serious about my fucking someone else and she said "yes". I asked her if she wanted to be there and she said "no", if she wanted to know about it - she said "not right away, but if it continues". So basically she's told me go ahead and have a couple of one nighters and releive yourself. Gotta give her credit for being open and forthright. Now if I could just cash in.

Who knows maybe I'll try this and say - nah, it's not worth it. More likely I'll be wild about it and encourage her to join me. I think she would given the right situation. My ultimate fantasy is a foursome but that may take some doing. She's definately not in that space yet.

Anyway, enough for now. It's great to ramble though. Happy reading

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