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We have had a few swing sessions over the years, and would have liked to have more. These sessions have been with people we know, and have not found anyone on AdultFriendFinder to hook up with. A lot of people seem to be fake on here and are only looking to chat and collect pics only. Our guess is to just jerk off to the pics. Does anyone on here actually meet in person to swing?

Our story.... I was so horny thinking of my wife and I hooking up with another guy or girl I talked to her about it and she dismissed it quickly. Off and on I tried for five years and each time there seemed to be more interest from her, but she was still not too sure.

Finally, we knew a couple that was into this sort of thing and chatted with them about it from time to time. One nite we went over to their place to watch tv, drink and hang out. After a few hours and everyone feeling good we went into their living room and my wife came over and pulled my cock out from my pants. She started sucking on it as the other couple walked in and watched us for a few minutes. They sat down on the couch and started fooling around as well. I sent my wife over to them and told her to join in what they were doing. She did just that and that was our first time. The other couple was very experienced in this setting and took charge. The female was big time into girls and went to work on my wife as she was sucking the other guys cock. The female went right down on my wife and ate her pussy out. She then sucked on her tits and after a few more minutes came over to me, where she sucked my cock and then climbed on top riding and grinding it hard and fast. She directed me over to my wife and her husband where she had my put my cock inside my wife doggie style while she laid on her back underneath my cock and sucked my balls and cock each time I pulled out of my wife who was still sucking the other guy's cock. When I was ready to cum I pulled out and shot my load in her face. She sucked and licked the cum. I got up to clean up and my wife then jumped on top of the other guy and started riding him. The other female was licking and eating her pussy out and sucking her man at the same time. It was hot and intense. When they finished up she told her hubby to go upstairs to get her toys. She used them on my wife and after a few more minutes came back over to me. She pulled my cock out of my pants and sucked on it for awhile. She then slid on top of it again and dragged me to the floor with me being on top of her. I fucked her hard and her pussy was dripping down onto my cock. After a few more minutes she went over to help my wife finish up her hubby. It was a great first time.

We then moved and met another couple for their first time, our second time. It was pretty much the same and lasted for about two months.

When we moved back to the area we hooked up with the first couple a few more times. It was more playing but in the pool. She would suck my cock under the water and had me fuck her pussy and ass. It was wild!!

My wife hooked up with my one friend once and enjoyed him bending her over the back of the couch and sticking his large cock in her doggie style. We did a threesome with him a year later and my wife sucked both of our cocks at the same time. That was wild!!

Our threesome with a female friend of my wife's happened last March 2005. I always wanted to be with her for the four years that we knew her and she knew that, but never gave in. I would always ask my wife to talk to her about it and she never did, or so I thought as she actually was all the time. Finally, she came over one nite and was not sure but seemed to be closer to the idea. She stayed and we went into the hot tub. I started to rub her legs and before you know it her hand was on my cock. She pulled my suit down and started jerking me off. I fingered her pussy and started to suck on her tits while my wife was jerking me off. I slid into her pussy and my wife was feeding it into her in and out. A few nites later she came back over and we all got drunk. She had me sit on the top of the hot tub and blew me. Her and my wife took turns, then she climbed onto my cock and rode me. We then took it inside and fucked in the back bed room. I ate her out while my wife blew me. I then had her climb on top and then had her go to doggie style. After a few minutes I stuck it in my wife doggie and when I was ready to cum I pulled out and had the other female jerk me off over my wife's back. A wild two times within a few days for sure..........

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