Jury Duty...Sex  

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5/22/2006 11:32 pm

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Jury Duty...Sex

On April 21, I was called to Jury duty. I thought..
I am fucked! Yep I was fucked alright.
The first day I was there I was asked what I thought about prostitution. I said, Jesus didn't condemn the prostitutes why should I. Anyway, They were going to dismiss me or so I thought. But for some reason they kept me on the case.
My fellow Jurors consisted of 3 white women 2 latinas and 1 black woman, 2 white dudes, an asain and a man from india and a couple of college guys who would not disclose their nationality. Anyway, two of the women were in their mid 40's and they were hot! I couldn't help but stare at the volumptuous ass they had. I was trying to compare them in the middle of a discussion when one of them noticed. "Can I help you?" Her voice was teasing and I almost didn't know she was talking to me. I told her that I am very attracted to older women and I have trouble concentrating. She said she was not interested.
Later that day, I recieved a note from someone in the jury titled, "Be Careful What You Wish For."
I opened it immediately and there was a note telling me to meet one of the women at the diner later on. It was sealed with a kiss. I was excited but I couldn't figure which of them wrote it.

I was anxious and finally the momment of truth had arrived. I entered the diner which was adjacent to a holiday in lobby. The waiter at the door gave me a key with a room number 27. I was really intrigued now. I rushed down the hall to room 27 and turned the key. To my surprise the two gorgeous older women from the jury stood before me naked. They were playing with each other and when I opened the door all eyes were on me. "Come in Daddy," she said with an air of seduction that made my cock hard as a rock.
As I walked toward them one grabbed for my jacket and the other my belt. Once the belt was loosened they began to suck my cock together. And before I knew it....I woke up sticky!

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