Mission: Implausible  

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5/9/2006 5:00 pm
Mission: Implausible

I went with a friend from work to see Mission Impossible: III, whatever you want to call it for short, today. Here's a brief, spoiler-free review.

I usually stay away from watching sequels to a movie, because in my experience the best movies are entities unto themselves. Extending a movie, even a popular one, into a franchise implies that the director didn't do enough character or plot development in the first film in order to fully explain the characters to us. That said, action movies don't always need deep characters or a plot / message that resonates on multiple levels. Archetypes and the good-vs-evil mantra are all that is really necessary. Batman Begins, one of my favorite action movies of the past five years, didn't break any new ground, nor was it truly introspective - it didn't really tell fans of the Bat Mythos anything new.

This is not to say that comparisons between the last Batman film and MI3 are warranted, even justified. It's simply to say that anyone expecting Ethan Hunt to come across as anything but a dogged pursuer of justice, a defender of his closest friends, and apparently heir to the Bionic Man, will be sorely disappointed. This is a movie for action junkies, who like to see things blow up, the bad guys get blown away in large numbers, and a cadre of beautiful women who really carry the show.

The movie is filled with star power besides Cruise - Keri Russell (whose talents are sorely wasted), Ving Rhames, and a very tongue-in-cheek Laurence Fishburne. The film is shot slightly out of order, which leads you to believe that the climax of the movie is going to be something monumental. Nor does it stop to deliberate special effects that test the limits of credulity - whether, for example, it would be possible for anybody to survive crashing through plate glass windows at terminal velocity, land on a desk and have nary a scratch, much less a serious concussion. Thinking about all of this doesn't detract from the visual beauty of the film - it is filmed superbly and the cinematography and lighting is beautifully done - or the fun factor, but in our audience there definitely was a disconnect between how the director wanted us to react and how we did.

The film moves very quick even at a running time of over two hours. It's good - certainly better than MI2, but the entire movie suffers from its inability to get the audience really involved. It's great summer popcorn, just easily forgettable. Keep that in mind, but go see it anyway.

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